# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Single professional relocates to Amsterdam 10/02/2011
2 An Island Home In the Sun 06/30/2011
3 Destined for Dominica, The Nature Isle 08/28/2011
4 Sweet Home Villa Carlos Paz, Argentina 09/08/2011
5 Hot property in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 07/25/2011
6 Bachelor Pad Colombian Style 08/15/2011
7 Lending A Hand in La Antigua, Guatemala 09/01/2011
8 Shipwrecked in the Bermuda Islands 09/04/2011
9 One Plight in Bangkok, Thailand 09/12/2011
10 Settling Down in Kent, England 09/22/2011
11 Teaching Abroad in Ansan, South Korea 09/05/2011
12 Forever Homes on the Fanciful Isle of Guernsey 11/17/2011
13 Jumping to Geneva, Switzerland 10/20/2011


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