# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Starting Over in Historic Dublin, Ireland 10/17/2011
2 Looking for Colonial Style Homes in the Heart of Guatemala's Highlands. 09/18/2011
3 Reconnecting in Vodice, Croatia 10/19/2011
4 Expat living in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago 11/03/2011
5 A Bachelor Buys In Berlin 10/26/2011
6 Young Couple Moves to Florence, Italy 11/28/2011
7 Starting Over in Paris, France 10/28/2011
8 Beating a Sellers Market in Melbourne Australia 01/28/2013
9 Permanent Sabbatical in Salta, Argentina 11/23/2011
10 Beating a Seller's Market in Melbourne, Australia 11/12/2011
11 Reviving roots in Grenoble, France 11/26/2011
12 On the Hunt in Historic Warsaw, Poland 12/01/2011
13 Testing the waters in Drammen, Norway 12/07/2011


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