# Name Originally Aired Image
1 A New Address in Aalborg, Denmark 12/16/2011
2 New Yorkers Take on Luxembourg 12/21/2011
3 Uber Modern in Luxembourg 12/21/2011
4 Retiring to Belize 12/15/2011
5 A Better Life in Nantes, France 12/23/2011
6 Higher Learning in Lyon, France 01/02/2012
7 Beach Rentals in Martinique 01/01/2012
8 Native Londoner returns to his Portugal roots 02/27/2012
9 Aussie Abroad in Ancient Belgrade 01/28/2013
10 An English Couple buys a dive shop in Gran Alacant, Spain 01/02/2012
11 New beginnings in Brussels, Belgium 02/28/2012
12 Kicking It in Tokyo, Japan 01/12/2012
13 Dallas Natives Relocate to London 01/19/2012


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