# Name Originally Aired Image
1 The Walshes Search for a Home in Anguilla 02/17/2012
2 Adventurous Couple in Naples 02/20/2012
3 English Cottage Revival Homes 02/21/2012
4 Canadian Biologists in Belize 02/23/2012
5 A Dream Home on Roatan 02/22/2012
6 Moving Up in Paris, France 02/24/2012
7 Transferring to Taipei, Taiwan 03/01/2012
8 Seeking Success in Taiwan 03/05/2012
9 A Family Together in France 02/29/2012
10 Common ground in Cannes, France 03/09/2012
11 A Simple Life in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 03/02/2012
12 Beachside Condos and Single-Family Homes in Nicaragua's Pacific Low-Lands 03/12/2012
13 A New Start in Bogota, Colombia 03/06/2012


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