# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Looking for a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle in Madrid 06/04/2012
2 Couple Moves to Cianciana, Sicily to be Close to Family 09/14/2012
3 A Caribbean Quandary 06/12/2012
4 Soaking Up the Sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico 06/13/2012
5 Dropping anchor in Brisbane, Australia 06/26/2012
6 Happy are the Danes in Charlottenlund, Denmark 06/15/2012
7 Canadians Move to Cabarete 06/08/2012
8 An Interior Designer Decides How Much Immersion She Can Handle 07/17/2012
9 Seeking Charm and Character in Helsinki, Finland 06/21/2012
10 A Creative Awakening in Berlin, Germany 06/22/2012
11 A Taste for a New Home in Lima, Peru 06/14/2012
12 Romantic Barrio in Buenos Aires, Argentina 06/18/2012
13 Dreaming of Marseille 06/20/2012


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