# Name Originally Aired Image
1 A Couple Sails to Puerto Morelos, Mexico to Open a Dive Shop 07/03/2012
2 Couple Hunts for Retirement Home in Merida 08/24/2012
3 European Dreaming 08/30/2012
4 Scoping the slopes in Solden, Austria 08/01/2012
5 Military Family Relocates to Bydgoszcz, Poland 08/28/2012
6 Starting Anew in Bogota 08/13/2012
7 Searching for Style and Space in Paris 08/02/2012
8 Finding Balance in Chiang Mai, Thailand 08/17/2012
9 An American Woman Journeys to Florence to Marry Her Italian Fiance 08/09/2012
10 Navigating Kongsberg, Norway 08/22/2012
11 Permanent Vacation in Verbier, Switzerland 08/07/2012
12 Homes of the Barbadian Coast 07/31/2012
13 Going Home to Dublin, Ireland 08/20/2012


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