# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Returning to Europe 10/08/2012
2 Pilot Takes Dream Job in Hong Kong 09/11/2012
3 Long Distance Lovers Move To Loughborough, England 10/22/2012
4 Goodbye New York, Hello Singapore! 09/25/2012
5 Going Dutch in Gouda, Holland 09/04/2012
6 Blazing a New Trail in Krakow, Poland 10/11/2012
7 From Small Town Kansas to a Mexican Metropolis 09/05/2012
8 Middle Aged Snowbirds Fly South Seeking the Sun in San Carlos, Mexico 09/17/2012
9 Relocating to the City of Light 09/03/2012
10 Scientific home search in Rome, Italy 09/06/2012
11 An International Life in Panama City, Panama 09/27/2012
12 Migrating to Quito, Ecuador 09/21/2012
13 Starting a Bed and Breakfast in Bocas Del Toro 09/19/2012


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