# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Living La Vida Bocas 10/17/2012
2 Romantic Return to Granada, Spain 10/23/2010
3 Gold Rush to Dimbulah, Australia 10/10/2012
4 Down by the Seaside in Hoi An, Vietnam 10/15/2012
5 Romantic Getaway in Puerto Morelos, Mexico 10/01/2012
6 It's a Jungle Out There, in Cape Tribulation, Australia 10/18/2012
7 Newlyweds Meet New Opportunities in London, England 10/09/2012
8 Beach Front House Hunt in Puerto Cayo 10/04/2012
9 Finding Paradise in Cairns, Australia 10/26/2012
10 Chasing Dreams in St. Lucia 10/16/2012
11 Looking for Love and Leisure on Lake Garda 10/05/2012
12 Searching for an Island Paradise on Bequia 10/02/2012
13 International Love Settles in Lyon, France 04/10/2013


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