# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Calming Down in Cairns, Australia 02/18/2013
2 A Dream Come True in St. Kitts, West Indies 02/19/2013
3 Different Desires in St. Kitts 03/22/2013
4 Starting a New in Nassau, Bahamas 01/01/2013
5 Taking a Chance in Bustling Bilbao, Spain 02/08/2013
6 Brave New World in Brussels, Belgium 02/05/2013
7 Cultures Collide in Copenhagen, Denmark 02/28/2013
8 You're as Cold as Iceland 02/22/2013
9 Test of Love in Tel Aviv, Israel 02/26/2013
10 Leaving Los Angeles for Tahiti 02/06/2013
11 A Long Distance Relationship Getting Up Close and Personal in Manchester 03/05/2013
12 The Job of a Lifetime, With No Time to Spare 03/01/2013
13 Parisian Brokers Turned Buyers Move to Provence 05/28/2013


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