# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Leaving Cape Cod for Muscat, Oman 04/30/2013
2 Belize City for a Beau 05/24/2013
3 On the Hunt for a Life Change, Bali-Style 05/31/2013
4 Settling Down, But Never Settling for Less, in Lisbon Portugal 07/25/2013
5 Band Moves Back Home to Barbados 05/08/2013
6 Take the House, Leave the Cannoli in Sicily, Italy 06/12/2013
7 Back to the Future in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 05/07/2013
8 Leaving Milton, Massachusetts for Sydney, Australia 06/18/2013
9 La Vie En Paris, France 05/16/2013
10 Taking the Property Plunge in Port Douglas, Australia 05/23/2013
11 Potential Profits in Puerto Vallarta 06/06/2013
12 Playa Con Dios 05/22/2013
13 Escaping Big City Brisbane to Small Town Kin Kin, Australia 05/14/2013


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