# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Surf and Sand or in the City, in Brisbane 09/25/2013
2 Adjusting to Auckland, New Zealand 07/03/2013
3 Put a Cork in it! 08/06/2013
4 Loving Life in Loughborough, England 08/29/2013
7 A Young Couple Takes a Chance on an Up-And-Coming Country in Kingston, Jamaica 08/22/2013
8 An Environmentally Conscious Californian Gets Green in Granada, Nicaragua 08/29/2013
9 Giving Back to Granada, Nicaragua 08/27/2013
10 Commuting Conundrum in London, England 11/09/2013
11 Sea Views or Cityscapes in Sydney 10/10/2013
12 Planning a Future in Paris, France 08/28/2013
13 Is Paradise Out of Reach in Mission Beach, Australia 10/18/2013


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