# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Paws First, in Guam 12/26/2014
2 Croatia, All I Ever Wanted 10/08/2014
3 Swaziland of Confusion 10/14/2014
4 Snapshot of City Life in Paris, France 10/16/2014
5 Changing Plans for Love in Roatan 10/17/2014
6 Paris's Newest Recruit 10/20/2014
7 Sense and Santiago 10/21/2014
8 Split on Urban Versus Rural Living, a Couple from Iowa Have a Trying House Hunt in Lusaka, Zambia 10/22/2014
9 Seeking Happiness In The Baltics 10/23/2014
10 Flying High in Guam 10/24/2014
11 Panamanian Divas in the House 11/24/2014
12 Vamos A La Playa 11/28/2014
13 Striking A Chord In Zurich, Switzerland 10/14/2014


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