# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Teachers On The Go, Kuwait To Kuantan, Malaysia 11/04/2014
2 Growing Family Growing Budget in Tortola 11/05/2014
3 Space vs. Price in Brussels, Belgium 11/11/2014
4 Dare to Repair in Terrasson, France 11/13/2014
5 Pier Pressure in Freeport 11/14/2014
6 A Family Decision in Rota, Spain 11/17/2014
7 Puerto Plata Da Vida 11/26/2014
8 Leaving the Nest for the First Time to Bermuda 11/27/2014
9 Race to Mount Cooroora 12/08/2014
10 Searching for a Dog Friendly Home in Aberdeen, Scotland 12/10/2014
11 Thy Will Be London 12/15/2014
12 Spending More in Singapore 12/17/2014
13 Going in Circles in London, an American Family Gets Stuck Between Countryside Charm and City Life 01/05/2015


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