# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Manuel Antonio Pura Vida 01/01/2015
2 Cambodia for Kids 01/07/2015
3 Down Memory Lane in Mulheim, Germany 01/08/2015
4 San Miguel De Allende Trippers 01/12/2015
5 All the Way to Galway 01/13/2015
6 Going to Catalonia for a Barcelona Flat 01/15/2015
7 Landing a Home in San Juan, Puerto Rico 01/19/2015
8 It Takes Tulips to Tango 01/21/2015
9 Falling on the Grenada 01/26/2015
10 We're Sure in Turin 01/28/2015
11 Tropical Medical School in Grenada 02/04/2015
12 Puerto Vallarta for Now and the Future 02/05/2015
13 This Lund Is Your Lund 03/19/2015


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