# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Walking Through the Doorway of Africa, Dakar, Senegal 02/02/2015
2 Settling Down in Hong Kong 02/09/2015
3 Home on the Dandenong Ranges 02/11/2015
4 Keep the City Just Give Me That Countryside 02/12/2015
5 Driving With the Brakes On, She's Got the Wheel 02/16/2015
6 Swansea Scheme 02/18/2015
7 Old City Eco-Challenge in Athens 02/19/2015
8 Muling It Over, Kiss This Thing Goodbye 02/23/2015
9 Breaking Wiesbaden 02/25/2015
10 I Left My Harp in Denver 02/10/2015
11 Opposing Opinions on St. Thomas 03/25/2015
12 Family of Four Extends Their Minnesotan Summers by Buying a Caribbean Condo 03/26/2015
13 Back to One, in Berlin 04/16/2015


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