# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Here Comes Santa Marinella 03/02/2015
2 Going Back to Gurgaon, India 03/05/2015
3 A New Home and a New Baby in Aberdeen, Scotland 03/09/2015
4 Everything's Different Now, That's Just What You Are 03/10/2015
5 Chiang Mai Fair Lady 03/16/2015
6 Grabbing Hold of Love and Life in Goa 03/18/2015
7 Big Family, Small Caribbean Island, in Sint Eustatius 03/23/2015
8 Lets Talk Turks and Caicos 03/24/2015
9 Must Have Turnkey in Helsinki, Finland 04/08/2015
10 What I Would Do for Love in New Delhi 04/20/2015
11 Charm Versus Space in Greater London 04/27/2015
12 Seeking Italian Charm in Iesi 04/30/2015
13 Family First in Stockholm, Sweden 06/04/2015


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