# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Mom Leeds the Way to a New Life in the UK 04/06/2015
2 A Family's First Home in Arusha, Tanzania 04/13/2015
3 Horsing Around in Garabito, Costa Rica 04/14/2015
4 Moaning and Groningen 04/22/2015
5 Night Ride Home, Far From the Overload 04/29/2015
6 Nothing Toulouse 05/07/2015
7 Spending Time in Granada, Spain 05/12/2015
8 Trading in the Sacramento River for Lake Atitlan in Guatemala 05/25/2015
9 Let Slip the Dogs of Warwick 06/03/2015
10 Old Orleans, France 06/07/2015
11 Amsterdam Skippy 06/21/2015
12 Dream Job With a Budget Nightmare in London 06/22/2015
13 Singing for Space in Stockholm, Sweden 06/30/2015


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