# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Ginger the Cat Goes to Albania 05/05/2015
2 Hey La Serena 05/14/2015
3 A Young Photographer Begins a New Career on the Isle of Malta 05/19/2015
4 Risky Early Retirement to Utila, Honduras 05/20/2015
5 Sydney Deep in Reality 05/21/2015
6 Island Dreams on Tortola 05/28/2015
7 Here We Santiago 06/08/2015
8 Aberdeen Dreams Come True 06/11/2015
9 Sisters in Solleftea 06/15/2015
10 Meet Me Back Home in Riga 06/17/2015
11 Cardiff If You Can 06/29/2015
12 Risking It All in Christchurch, a City in Repair 07/29/2015
13 Family First in Morelia, Mexico 08/02/2015


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