# Name Originally Aired Image
1 London With a Scandinavian Twist 11/05/2015
2 Ready to Relax in the Gold Coast Region of Costa Rica 11/23/2015
3 South Yarra Is the New Black 10/16/2015
4 Picking Up Suva-nirs from Fiji 01/01/2016
5 Two Schools of Thought in Lund 10/26/2015
6 Great Scotland! 11/03/2015
7 Adjusting to Adventures in New Zealand 10/28/2015
8 Right in the Palma Your Hand 10/27/2015
9 Opposites Attract in Sofia, Bulgaria 12/28/2015
10 Que Surrey, Surrey 12/09/2015
11 Starting a Business and a Family in Medellin, Colombia 11/02/2015
12 His New Job Moves a Young Couple From the Mile High City to the Banks of the Rhine 11/13/2015
13 I've Berlin to Paradise, But I've Never Been to Me 11/04/2015


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