# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Big Plans in Birmingham, UK's Second Largest City 11/20/2015
2 Big City, Big Beaches In Tel Aviv, Israel 11/09/2015
3 Crucita the Beautiful 11/25/2015
4 Writer's Block in Islington, England 02/29/2016
5 We Came, We Saw, Wiesbaden 12/02/2015
6 So You Think You Can France? 11/26/2015
7 Live by the Surf in Australia 11/18/2015
8 Mother Knows Best in Luxembourg City 11/17/2015
9 Better Life, Better Jobs 11/11/2015
10 It's All Relative in Dublin 11/12/2015
11 A Slightly Auckland Relationship 11/16/2015
12 Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game 11/27/2015
13 The Long and Wining Road to Ambergris Caye 11/10/2015


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