# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Modern or Mexican in San Miguel 06/02/2016
2 Bayside to Barcelona 07/20/2016
3 Good bye Sihanoukville, Hello Phnom Penh 05/16/2016
4 A New Home in Noisy Phnom Penh 06/27/2016
5 Teaching in Phnom Penh 06/01/2016
6 Big Family in the Hi-Rise City of Penang 06/23/2016
7 Starting a Business in Penang, Malaysia 05/18/2016
8 Life Balance in Perth 05/16/2016
9 I Want My Balcony in San Juan, Puerto Rico 05/31/2016
10 Home in Aguadilla 06/20/2016
11 Hard to Please, In Belize 06/13/2016
12 St. John Someday 06/16/2016
13 Wine or Beach in South Africa 06/29/2016


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