# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Will Midwesterners Settle Down in Guatemala City or Antigua? 09/20/2016
2 Glory Days on St. Thomas, USVI 09/05/2016
3 Escaping the USA To Find Peace and Serenity in Boca Chica, Panama 08/15/2016
4 Beach Battle in Punta del Este, Uruguay 08/08/2016
5 Putting Down Roots in Porto 09/29/2016
6 A Home Made in Hamilton 10/18/2016
7 Staying on Track in Monaco 09/06/2016
8 No Snow in San Jose del Cabo 09/15/2016
9 Finding a Flat in Florence, Italy 10/05/2016
10 What's Right in Brighton, England 10/13/2016
11 Meeting in the Middle in Munich 10/21/2016
12 Battlefield Perth 10/03/2016
13 The Art of Island Living in Australia 11/23/2016


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