# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Beautiful Chaos in Gilbert, Arizona 12/20/2018
2 Back to Her College Town 01/21/2019
3 Size Debate in North Carolina 01/28/2019
4 Ski Condo or Lake House in Vermont 01/01/2019
5 New Jersey DJ's American Dream 01/08/2019
6 Waterfront Wanted in Florida 01/11/2019
7 Going Long in Wilmington 01/21/2019
8 Signing the Deed in Dallas 01/05/2019
9 Quirky Details in Louisville 01/29/2019
10 From the Islands to Tampa 02/07/2019
11 A Bigger House on the Hudson 02/21/2019
12 A Desert Oasis in Joshua Tree 03/11/2019
13 Landing Near Lexington 02/04/2019


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