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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Eyeglass Lenses; Granite; Potato Chips; Microprocessors 09/07/2002
2 Honey; Fiber Optics; Bricks; Pipe Organs 09/14/2002
3 Personal Watercraft; Wine; Office Furniture; Ice Skates 09/21/2002
4 Winter Jackets; Animation; Mushrooms; Gold Rings 09/28/2002
5 Hydroponic Lettuce; Construction Wood; Recycling; Fishing Flies 10/12/2002
6 Diamond Cuttings; Wood Doors; Paintballs; Newspapers 10/19/2002
7 Carpets; Drinking Water; Laser Eye Surgery; Acoustic Guitars 10/26/2002
8 Fiberglass Boats; Clothes Dryers; Bubble Gum; Fireworks 11/02/2002
9 Steel Safes; False Teeth; Airplanes; Maple Syrup 11/09/2002
10 Gummies; Aluminum Cans; Fish Farming; Bronze Sculptures 11/16/2002
11 Aluminum Pots and Pans; Artificial Limbs; Peanut Butter; High-Intensity Light Bulbs 11/23/2002
12 Cars; Grocery Carts; Rapid Tooling and Prototyping; Collectible Coins 11/30/2002
13 Ball Bearings; Electrical Wires; Lost Wax Process Casting; Automated Machines 12/07/2002


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