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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 A Big Sister I Know, Kang Dan-i 01/26/2019
2 You Were Hiding In My House? 01/27/2019
3 People Calling Me By My Name 02/02/2019
4 Everybody Turn Their Backs On Me 02/03/2019
5 I'm Curious Too, About My Feelings 02/09/2019
6 I Think I Already Knew It From The Beginning 02/10/2019
7 Tell Him I'm Waiting Here 02/16/2019
8 The Hot Touch Was A Dream 02/17/2019
9 That Old Book Is Like The First Time Reading 02/23/2019
10 There Are Days Like This 02/24/2019
11 We Have To Be Together, Why Do You Want To Break Up? 03/02/2019
12 How About A Title For Your First Date? 03/03/2019
13 Did It Hurt Because Of Me? 03/09/2019
14 You Know Me, Right? 03/10/2019
15 I Should Have Known If You Didn't Say Anything... 03/16/2019
16 As If I Had Met You In a Book and Received Warm Comfort.. 03/17/2019


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