Human Mutants

Welcome to Human Mutants – the three-part series in which scientist Armand Marie Leroi explores the sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, and always very ordinary world of the human mutant. From conjoined twins to dwarfs, giants and hairiness, Leroi explores the extraordinary variety that the human genome can throw up. His journey takes him from the person, via all manner of scientific experiments, to the minute mutated molecule that is the cause of their condition. Forgetting the weird and wonderful for a moment, Leroi has another more serious point – we all are mutants, every last one of us. If we weren't we'd all be clones of each other, a world full of identical twins, and how weird would that be? Being a mutant is what makes me, me, and you, you. It's what makes us unique, special and different.

  • Series ID 256399
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2004-05-20
  • Network Channel 4
  • Runtime 1
  • Genres Documentary
  • Airs
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  • IMDB tt0426355
  • Schedules Direct
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  • Last Updated 04/15/2017 11:38pm


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