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Season 1

  • S01E01 Pilot

    • September 18, 1984
    • NBC

    Former NFL player Fred Dryer is Det.Sgt. Rick Hunter, a mobster's son turned cop, cut in the ""Dirty Harry"" mold. Hassled by his by-the-book captain (played by Michael Cavanaugh in the opener), Hunter enlists another maverick, brassy Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall to set a trap for a brutal murderer.

  • S01E02 Hard Contract

    • September 28, 1984
    • NBC

    Dee Dee McCall's former partner, Gus Trancus, becomes a hit man for the mob. His victim is a police informant.

  • S01E03 The Hot Grounder

    • October 5, 1984
    • NBC

    The Police Commissioner is the main suspect in the murder of his wife.

  • S01E04 A Long Way from L.A.

    • October 26, 1984
    • NBC

    A gang war is in the making if Hunter can't find a witness that can provide testimony that will stop it.

  • S01E05 Legacy

    • November 2, 1984
    • NBC

    A gangster was killed. Now Terwilliger believes that it was a burglar who did but Hunter finds a few loose ends. Now the eldest son, Nick, who is a carouser fears what will happen if the girl whom he came home with the night his father was killed is found. Hunter and McCall eventually learn about her and find her she tells them that when they arrived at the house his father was upset with him and a fight broke out and then she heard the shot then the alarm. Which leads them to think that maybe Nick was the one who killed his father. However, the captain doesn't think that she's a credible witness, because she was drunk and was going to go bed with him. When she calls Nick demanding some hush money they agree to meet when Nick arrives someone shoots him and Hunter finds that he was going to pay her. Hunter then realizes that it was the other son, Billy who did it. He finds the girl with at the hospital and holds her hostage when Hunter arrives and manages to shoot him.

  • S01E06 Flight on a Dead Pigeon

    • November 9, 1984
    • NBC

    A little girl has faith in the carrier pigeons, so she reports them stolen. No one listens until she is the target of a kidnapper.

  • S01E07 Pen Pals

    • November 16, 1984
    • NBC

    When a kid dies from smoking a joint laced with PCP, Hunter tracks down the slime-ball responsible. Hunter is then for murder. Dee Dee has to deal with a new partner and try to prove Hunter's innocence. Meanwhile, Hunter has to survive the attempts by the Hammer and his three lackeys to kill him.

  • S01E08 Dead or Alive

    • November 30, 1984
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall track a bounty hunter who is not fussy about the condition of his prey.

  • S01E09 High Bleacher Man

    • December 7, 1984
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall arrest a man named Gavin, who is a street thug. They are then shocked to learn that the D.A. has made a deal with him. It seems that Gavin can link crime boss Nate Demarest to four murders. And Hunter is not pleased with it, cause if they let Gavin go, he will kill someone eventually. After an attempt is made on Gavin, Hunter suggests that they limit the knowledge of Gavin's whereabouts to just two people, and Gavin says that he wants Hunter and McCall to be those two. Cause he knows that they only way Hunter can prove that he didn't sell Gavin out, is to take a bullet for him. And it is while they are protecting Gavin that McCall recalls an old case wherein she and her partner were investigating Demarest for murdering an undercover Fed. McCall begins by talking to the man's wife and tells about a girl named Crissy who worked for Demarest, whom her husband took an interest in. Hunter then goes to talk to a man who once worked for Demarest, Whitey McPhee. And when he g

  • S01E10 The Shooter

    • January 4, 1985
    • NBC

    A motorcycle cop is shot with a special armor penetrating bullet similar to the one that killed McCall's husband.

  • S01E11 The Garbage Man

    • January 11, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter and a friend of the victim, a parole officer, are both on the trail of the killer, only to cause a lot of problems for Hunter along the way.

  • S01E12 The Avenging Angel

    • January 18, 1985
    • NBC

    A surveillance expert decides to punish a murder suspect and the witness who was bought off.

  • S01E13 The Snow Queen (1)

    • March 23, 1985
    • NBC

    A cocaine dealer from New York escapes from the escort, who wants her dead. Hunter and Molinas team up for a major drug bust. Dee Dee's cover may be blown.

  • S01E14 The Snow Queen (2)

    • March 30, 1985
    • NBC

    Dee Dee's in danger as she moves closer to exposing a ruthless drug dealer, while Hunter fights to keep a rogue policeman from killing a material witness.

  • S01E15 The Beach Boy

    • April 6, 1985
    • NBC

    Drug dealers are feeling the wrath of a supplier they refused and the penalty is death.

  • S01E16 Guilty

    • April 13, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall disobey orders and investigate a possible connection between two homicides instead of chasing muggers.

  • S01E17 The Last Kill

    • April 20, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall trail a hit man who leaves a napkin with a purple circle on it at the scene of each crime. Hunter believes that the killer is the husband of his former girlfriend, a former magazine model. McCall believes Hunter is focusing on the husband of his ex out of jelousy. And Hunter's ex believes her husband is cheating on her, never suspecting the true nature of her spouse's activities.

  • S01E18 Fire Man

    • May 4, 1985
    • NBC

    A television news crew get in the way of Hunter and McCall while they are trying to investigate the arsonist the news crew helped identify.

  • S01E19 Sniper

    • May 11, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter,and McCall investigate the mysterious Sniper shootings of blond women.Meanwhile,the Police Department personnel is being audited by a most efficient IRS Agent.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Case X

    • September 21, 1985
    • NBC

    A modeling agent is a front for a photographer's personal pornography ring, and when the female porn stars start turning up dead, McCall goes undercover.

  • S02E02 Night of the Dragons

    • September 28, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall witness a shooting in Chinatown and follow up on their off time, but the officer-in-charge resents their meddling.

  • S02E03 The Biggest Man in Town

    • October 5, 1985
    • NBC

    The murder looks like a professional execution. But why would a small time accountant be killed when he is eighty miles from home and using an alias? For Hunter and Dee Dee the only clue is to go to the source - a small, wealthy resort community that is controlled by one man. Hunter can feel this guy is responsible but proving it is a deadly proposition

  • S02E04 Rich Girl

    • October 19, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter,and McCall investigate the attempted shooting of a wealthy businessman.The man's young wife was the prime suspect when arrested,put on trial,and aquitted for the crime(lack of proof).The young woman then dies,the victim of an apparent suicide.Hunter,and McCall then shifts their investigation to another suspect somebody that they had not previously suspected.

  • S02E05 Killer in a Halloween Mask

    • October 26, 1985
    • NBC

    The Captain sends Hunter and McCall to serve as technical advisors for a television police show to keep them out of trouble. Unfortunately, the star of the show is killed, placing Hunter and McCall in the middle of another high-profile murder investigation.

  • S02E06 Rape and Revenge (1)

    • November 2, 1985
    • NBC

    McCall is raped and beaten by a diplomat who has a strange opinion of the way to treat women. Hunter is angry, but can do nothing when the culprit claims diplomatic immunity. McCall is appalled to find that the man's father shares his attitude toward women.

  • S02E07 Rape and Revenge (2)

    • November 9, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter ends up in San Pablo wanting to shoot Raul Mariano, the man who raped McCall and shot Hunter. McCall comes and tries to stop Hunter from killing Mariano. She fails, and Hunter shoots Mariano four times. After, Hunter and McCall must escape from an army that is trying to kill them

  • S02E08 Million Dollar Misunderstanding

    • November 16, 1985
    • NBC

    A ruthless robbery of an armoured car goes awry when Dunbar, the leader of the gang, kills his partner only to have his car stolen with the $1,000,000 in the trunk. When the owner of the car is later killed, Hunter and McCall find themselves on a case that gets deadlier at every turn and puts Rick against as tough and mean a man as he'll ever meet

  • S02E09 The Big Fall

    • November 23, 1985
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall are one of the teams assigned to protect a government witness. But when he is thrown out the window of the hotel room, Hunter and Dee Dee are in the middle of a Bullit-style conspiracy of deadly double crosses. Someone in the department killed the witness and Rick and McCall must find out who and why before Hunter is pinned to the wall for murder one.

  • S02E10 Waiting for Mr. Wrong

    • December 7, 1985
    • NBC

    A flashy yet deadly jewelry store robbery leaves Hunter and McCall with a dead body and a cold trail. When Angelita, a beautiful young model who is their only connection to one of the killers, boards a train to San Diego, Hunter is right behind her. But her surveillance accidentally becomes contact and contact turns to passion. Is she an innocent victim of a ruthless killer, or is she just as deadly? Rick must make a decision and the wrong decision could be a killer.

  • S02E11 Think Blue

    • December 14, 1985
    • NBC

    A friend of Hunter's is accused of killing his wife, but Hunter connects the crime to a man he arrested a long time ago instead.

  • S02E12 Blow-Up

    • January 4, 1986
    • NBC

    Someone bombs the angel on a grave and Hunter thinks it was done by a man he arrested a long time ago.

  • S02E13 War Zone

    • January 11, 1986
    • NBC

    A hooker's murder and a pharmaceutical theft are connected.

  • S02E14 Burned

    • January 18, 1986
    • NBC

    A lawyer who was indicted for bribing a juror fakes his death.

  • S02E15 Scrap Metal

    • February 1, 1986
    • NBC

    A dying criminal sends for Hunter and says that he's the man who killed Hunter's father, and that he was paid to do it by his father's partner. Hunter goes to the man who was originally convicted for the murder and asks him if he did it or not; he says he was just trying to rob the place when the police came and assumed he did it. So Hunter sets out to find if his father's partner did have his father killed.

  • S02E16 Fagin 1986

    • February 8, 1986
    • NBC

    A juvenille is killed during a robbery attempt and Hunter discovers that he was part of a gang led by an adult.

  • S02E17 62 Hrs. of Terror

    • February 15, 1986
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall discover a network of extremists who are holding a diplomat hostage.

  • S02E18 Death Machine

    • March 11, 1986
    • NBC

    A couple of young punks rip off the house of Lucky Lacy, an underworld jewelry connection, and get away with $2,000,000 in jewels. But when Lacy hires Lincoln, a huge punk killer to find them, dead bodies start piling up and Hunter and McCall are up against their biggest foe yet!

  • S02E19 The Setup

    • March 25, 1986
    • NBC

    A beautiful young woman is killed in a very professional style and Hunter knows her death is a link to a three-year-old case of an elusive international criminal named Varn. But before Hunter and McCall can piece together the case, Hunter is framed for a brutal assualt. Why would the victim finger Hunter? Who killed the young woman? Where is Varn? Hunter and McCall must find the answers before Rick takes the fall and Varn disappears forever

  • S02E20 The Beautiful & the Dead (1)

    • April 1, 1986
    • NBC

    She is exquisitely beautiful with perfect features. She is sitting in Hunter's chair waiting for him to come home. She is also dead! A clean professional hit in an adult motel throws Rick and Dee Dee into a case that includes Russian and Federal Agents, espionage, and a strangely intriguing, nameless beauty who is the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle that won't come together

  • S02E21 The Beautiful & the Dead (2)

    • April 8, 1986
    • NBC

    A body disappears from Hunter's apartment, and as he and McCall investigate they find that a Russian defector and Federal agents are connected to the case.

  • S02E22 The Return of Typhoon Thompson

    • May 6, 1986
    • NBC

    Jerome Typhoon Thompson a once famous Middle-weight prizefighter is realeased from Prison after serving 5-years of a life sentence.He was convicted of murdering his manager,a charge that he says is false.Because of good behavior he was paroled.Once outside he is greetd by Hunter,who warns Typhoon not to seek revenge on those he feels had set him up.However Typhoon will not listen.He immediatly looks around,hoping to get information on the people that he knows are responsible for his imprisonment.His quest gets the attention of two people on motocycles who try to kill him .Foretunatly Hunter,and McCall were there(they were keeping surveillance on Typhoon)they arrested the would be killers.Hunter who earlier thought Typhoon was guilty isn't so sure now.He,and McCall will continue their investigation until something comes out .

  • S02E23 Saturday Night Special

    • May 20, 1986
    • NBC

    A series of murders on skid row smash across the headlines. But when Hunter and McCall dig into the case, they discover a witness who swears the killer is a reporter covering the story

Season 3

  • S03E01 Overnight Sensation

    • September 27, 1986
    • NBC

    A TV reporter accuses Hunter of unjustly firing his weapon . Capt. Wyler is promoted to Deputy Chief.

  • S03E02 Change Partners and Dance

    • October 4, 1986
    • NBC

    A cop is murdered after making arrangements to meet with Hunter.

  • S03E03 Crime of Passion

    • October 11, 1986
    • NBC

    McCall believes a man suspected of murdering his wife is innocent.

  • S03E04 The Castro Connection

    • November 1, 1986
    • NBC

    Hunter witnesses the shooting of a DEA agent, but the body disappears.

  • S03E05 High Noon in L.A.

    • November 8, 1986
    • NBC

    Carlos Mariano, the brother of Raul Mariano, the man who raped McCall and shot Hunter, whom Hunter would eventually kill, (see Rape and Revenge) has come to L.A. to get Hunter for killing his brother. And just like his brother, is shielded by diplomatic immunity. The State Department man warns him not to do anything, because his country is a vital ally to the U.S. Hunter tries to reason with him by saying what his brother did and that he killed his brother in self-defense but is unmoved. He eventually abducts Hunter and taunts him first, eventually Hunter gets free and only wounds him. Hunter turns him in and because of what he did, the country can have deported. At the airport, he tries to make sure that he has given up his quest for vengeance.

  • S03E06 From San Francisco with Love

    • November 15, 1986
    • NBC

    A San Francisco cop joins Hunter and McCall in investigating a case after someone attempts to shoot his son.

  • S03E07 True Confessions

    • November 22, 1986
    • NBC

    When Jeffrey Wyatt, Robert Kephart, and Philip Epperson are involved in the drugging and rape of a young woman, Rhonda Burke, Hunter and McCall have to investigate the woman's grief-stricken older sister, who is furious when the three young men are acquited on a technicality...a young officer did not read them the Miranda warning before Jeffrey Wyatt confessed. Hunter maintains his suspicions of Sheila, even though he sympathizes with her frustration and continually advises her to plead insanity. McCall is convinced of the woman's innocence, and turns her attention to the older brother of one of the victims, David Kephart, who will be in charge of a sizable fortune with his younger half-brother Robert out of the way. When first Epperson then Kephart are shot and killed, Wyatt isn't sure who to turn to...and ends up trusting the wrong person.

  • S03E08 Love, Hate and Sporty James

    • December 6, 1986
    • NBC

    Police informant, Sporty James, believes that he will receive a large sum of money after witnessing a murder.

  • S03E09 The Contract

    • December 13, 1986
    • NBC

    The wife of a wealthy man is kidnapped and the gardener is killed trying to save her. Hunter and McCall investigate but the husband just wants his wife back, so he agrees to pay the ransom and his wife is returned. Hunter and McCall question her but get nothing. She later meets her lover, the kidnapper. And she's despondent over the gardener. But he reminds her of why they did it--the prenup her husband that her husband made her sign. Her husband's secretary figurs out what theyn did and tries to blackmail them but he kills her. Later when she decides to come forward he tries to kill her but Hunter saves her. Later her husband tells them that he will use everything at his disposal to defend her cause he blames himself for what happened.

  • S03E10 The Cradle Will Rock

    • January 3, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall's friend and the rock star ex-husband of a singer vanish.

  • S03E11 Bad Company

    • January 10, 1987
    • NBC

    A group of supremacists rob a gun shop and leave an injured partner behind. Hunter's attempt to get information from her fails.

  • S03E12 Down and Under

    • January 17, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter travels to Sydney, Australia in an attempt to find clues regarding the disappearnce of an old flame three years ago.

  • S03E13 Straight to the Heart

    • January 24, 1987
    • NBC

    While Hunter is on leave preparing to testify before a grand jury, he becomes involved with a woman who is the girlfriend of the accused.

  • S03E14 Requiem for Sergeant McCall

    • February 7, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall opposes the parole of an inmate who shot and killed her husband five years before. Against her judgement, he is released and she begins to tail him hoping to gather more evidence against him for a different crime that he possibly committed, but the plan backfires when she is set up similar to that of her late husband.

  • S03E15 Double Exposure

    • February 14, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall goes undercover as a fashion model to bust a ring of thieves hitting lonely business men in their hotels. When Sporty James shows up and inadvertantly blows McCalls cover, Hunter attempts to get there in time to keep them from getting killed.

  • S03E16 The Girl Next Door

    • February 21, 1987
    • NBC

    Detective Sergeant Coslin is on the run after witnessing his girlfriend's murder and planting evidence of the crime in Hunter's house.

  • S03E17 Any Second Now

    • February 28, 1987
    • NBC

    A fan who was convicted of attacking a pianist is released from prison and is, once again, a threat to the pianist.

  • S03E18 A Child is Born

    • March 14, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter must indentify the victim of a shooting in order to save the baby of a pregnant woman who was mistakenly shot.

  • S03E19 Crossfire

    • April 11, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter finds that an old girlfriend is being hunted by a cocaine dealer while he is tailing a robbery and murder suspect who was released due to a lack of evidence.

  • S03E20 Hot Pursuit (1)

    • May 2, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall and an informant are shot after the informant gives her information regarding a prostitution ring being run along truck routes. Hunter is accused of murder when he travels to Mexico to meet with the pimp (part 1 of 2).

  • S03E21 Hot Pursuit (2)

    • May 9, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall and an informant are shot after the informant gives her information regarding a prostitution ring being run along truck routes. Hunter is accused of murder when he travels to Mexico to meet with the pimp (part 2 of 2).

  • S03E22 Shades

    • July 18, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall's life is saved by a mysterious gunman and Hunter is missing.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Not Just Another John Doe

    • September 24, 1987
    • NBC

    A skid row murder leads to an unknown victim. The killer knows the identity of the witness and the witness knows the identity of the killer.

  • S04E02 Playing God

    • October 3, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall consider leaving the force when the investigation of a community leader who has ties to organized crime reveals some disturbing evidence.

  • S04E03 The Jade Woman

    • October 17, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter investigates the disappearance of a friend's mail-order bride while he is off duty. The case becomes a homicide investagation when the marriage broker is murdered.

  • S04E04 Flashpoint

    • October 24, 1987
    • NBC

    A Hispanic city councilman's son is killed in a botched traffic stop and he holds the LAPD responsible, citing racism.

  • S04E05 Night on Bald Mountain

    • October 31, 1987
    • NBC

    When Hunter & McCall travel to a mountaintop mansion to investigate a murder, they are trapped there overnight with the victim's entire family in the midst of a massive snowstorm.

  • S04E06 City of Passion (1)

    • November 7, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall investigate a series of bizarre murders, which take on the appearance of the result of a Satanic cult rite. Based on a book by Dallas Barnes.

  • S04E07 City of Passion (2)

    • November 14, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter spends the night at McCall's house after she receives a threatening phone call from the man known as "Bigfoot," whom they were investigating for the rapes. Brad Navarro's wife kicks him out of the house and hits the LAPD with a massive and somewhat humorous lawsuit, claiming their marriage was failing because of Brad's "unusual appetite for sex" due to being paired up with attractive female partners. Hunter's investigation of a missing girl uncovers a local satanic cult, led by the very judge McCall arrested. The LAPD conduct a stakeout in an attempt to catch "Bigfoot," but he outsmarts them and nearly claims Sgt. McCall as his next victim.

  • S04E08 City of Passion (3)

    • November 21, 1987
    • NBC

    McCall's fight to appeal her entrapment accusation uncovers corruption at the hands of the LAPD commander, who resigns amid the controversy. The teenage girl Hunter had been keeping tabs on is murdered by a member of Judge Unger's cult. The judge is arrested by Hunter. Kathy Navarro drops her lawsuit against the LAPD and she and Brad reconcile. Lloyd Fredericks, known as "Bigfoot," is arrested after he beats and nearly rapes Sgt. McCall; Mrs. Fredericks takes her own course of action against him.

  • S04E09 Turning Point

    • November 28, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall investigate a car bomb that explodes in a reporter's car, killing someone else.

  • S04E10 Hot Prowl

    • December 8, 1987
    • NBC

    The victim of a robbery attempts to buy the stolen item from the robber without reporting him to the police.

  • S04E11 Allegra

    • December 29, 1987
    • NBC

    Hunter struggles with some emotions when the victim of his latest murder investigation is an old flame.

  • S04E12 Renegade

    • January 5, 1988
    • NBC

    The mother of a man who steals a cocaine delivery is accidentally shot when the thief leads his pursuers to his parents' home.

  • S04E13 The Black Dahlia

    • January 12, 1988
    • NBC

    Hunter & McCall post a (fictitious) conclusion to the Black Dahlia murder case, the most famous unsolved murder in the history of the LAPD.

  • S04E14 Naked Justice (1)

    • February 2, 1988
    • NBC

    A homeless man offers information about the murder of a film star.

  • S04E15 Naked Justice (2)

    • February 9, 1988
    • NBC

    A homeless man offers information about the murder of a film star.

  • S04E16 Girl on the Beach

    • February 16, 1988
    • NBC

    Captain Devane's ex-wife is convinced that she killed a woman while driving under the influence of alcohol, until a second body is found.

  • S04E17 The Bogota Million

    • March 1, 1988
    • NBC

    The mobsters are pursuing Sporty James because they think he stole a million dollars from them. The police are pursuing him because they think he killed one of the mobsters.

  • S04E18 Death Signs

    • March 12, 1988
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall have three suspects to choose from when a deaf man is murdered.

  • S04E19 Boomerang

    • March 19, 1988
    • NBC

    A woman fears that she will be the prime suspect when her husband is killed in a boating accident.

  • S04E20 The Fourth Man

    • March 26, 1988
    • NBC

    Years ago Hunter was part of a group who busted a drug ring. Now the sole survivor of the gang claims that some money, four million dollars was missing from what they turned in. Now internal affairs, more or less deduced that three members of the group were involved but, they believed that because four million was missing that there was a fourth member, who took part in it. Initially Hunter was under suspicion but no sufficient evidence was found. Now that the man who claimed that there was four million dollars missing is out on parole, and the three cops who were under suspicion are turning up dead. It's now being assumed that the gang member is taking them out and taking the money that they got, or the fourth man is. And again Hunter is the prime suspect.

  • S04E21 Murder He Wrote

    • April 30, 1988
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall have dinner with a millionaire who thinks that his heirs are plotting his murder.

  • S04E22 Silver Bullet

    • May 7, 1988
    • NBC

    When Hunter & McCall investigate a series of murders committed with police-issued bullets, the main suspect is closer than they think.

Season 5

  • S05E01 Heir of Neglect

    • October 29, 1988
    • NBC

    Hunter investigates the case of a teenage boy who mistakenly shot his parents during what he claimed was a home invasion.

  • S05E02 The Baby Game

    • November 5, 1988
    • NBC

    A two-year-old girl sleeps while her mother is murdered.

  • S05E03 Dead on Target (1)

    • November 12, 1988
    • NBC

    Several Veterans from Hunter's squad in Vietnam are murdered during the search for emeralds that were brought back to the United States when they returned from their tour of duty.

  • S05E04 Dead on Target (2)

    • November 19, 1988
    • NBC

    Several Veterans from Hunter's squad in Vietnam are murdered during the search for emeralds that were brought back to the United States when they returned from their tour of duty.

  • S05E05 Presumed Guilty

    • November 26, 1988
    • NBC

    McCall's current boyfriend disagrees with Hunter's belief that a suspect is guilty of burglary but not murder.

  • S05E06 No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpunished

    • December 3, 1988
    • NBC

    An anonymous tip leads McCall to believe that an explosion in her art class was an attempt to kill a murder witness.

  • S05E07 Honorable Profession

    • December 10, 1988
    • NBC

    Hunter puts his job on the line when he defends a female officer, wounded and possibly killed in the line of duty, against accusations of employing improper procedures during a Chinatown shooting.

  • S05E08 Payback

    • December 17, 1988
    • NBC

    A bank robber turns to Hunter for a favor once he learns that the bank he robbed is owned by the mob.

  • S05E09 Partners

    • January 7, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall investigate the murder of an Immigration Agent.

  • S05E10 The Pit

    • January 14, 1989
    • NBC

    A police dispatcher is pressured to assist robbers because his son is indebted to loan sharks due to his gambling.

  • S05E11 City Under Siege (1)

    • February 4, 1989
    • NBC

    A police task force is established to assist in crime control. McCall goes undercover as a teacher when one is murdered.

  • S05E12 City Under Siege (2)

    • February 11, 1989
    • NBC

    A police task force is established to assist in crime control. McCall goes undercover as a teacher when one is murdered.

  • S05E13 City Under Siege (3)

    • February 18, 1989
    • NBC

    A police task force is established to assist in crime control. McCall goes undercover as a teacher when one is murdered.

  • S05E14 Me, Myself & Die

    • February 25, 1989
    • NBC

    A woman is the prime suspect in a brutal murder case after she stops taking her experimental medication.

  • S05E15 Informant

    • March 18, 1989
    • NBC

    An informant to whom Hunter promised anonymity seven years earlier represents himself when his case is re-tried.

  • S05E16 Blood Line

    • April 1, 1989
    • NBC

    A suspect is poisoned while Hunter and McCall are investigating a race horse groom's death. They attempt to unravel the revenge and fraud behind the murder in order to find a motive.

  • S05E17 Shoot to Kill

    • April 8, 1989
    • NBC

    McCall is suspected of having shot an innocent man during a shootout in an alley and fights to clear her name with help from Hunter and Sporty James. While helping McCall, they discover a ring of jewel thieves.

  • S05E18 Code 3

    • April 15, 1989
    • NBC

    When a nurse she recently befriended is killed in a car accident related to alcohol just a few days later, McCall suspects foul play. She is even more convinced of that after learning the nurse was pregnant, and would not have mixed alcohol with the morning sickness medication she was taking.

  • S05E19 Ring of Honor

    • April 29, 1989
    • NBC

    Boxing turns deadly when the manager of promising fighter Sonny Ruiz and a doctor are both murdered. Hunter to penetrates the world of prizefighting with the help of a trainer named Benny Shaffer.

  • S05E20 Teen Dreams

    • May 6, 1989
    • NBC

    Prostitutes are being murdered by a man who lures them disguised as a police officer. When McCall's friend Debbie Small (from the "City Under Siege" saga) returns to the profession, she may be the next target.

  • S05E21 Last Run

    • May 13, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall try to rescue an undercover female agent who was kidnapped during an investigation into money laundering, and have to deal with interference from the girl's father, who's a cop himself.

  • S05E22 Return of White Cloud

    • May 21, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall investigate the murder of an art gallery owner involved in illegal sales of Native American artifacts, and find themselves drawn into a mysterious world of Native American politics.

Season 6

  • S06E01 On Air

    • October 14, 1989
    • NBC

    A radio show host is being stalked and the men in her life are being murdered. Hunter pretends to be her lover in order to catch the killer.

  • S06E02 Shillelagh

    • October 21, 1989
    • NBC

    Devane's girlfriend's brother makes a highly publicized visit from Ireland, which is soon discovered to be an assassination plot.

  • S06E03 Investment in Death

    • October 28, 1989
    • NBC

    After leaving a gang, the former member is the victim of a drive-by shooting.

  • S06E04 A Girl Named Hunter

    • November 4, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter delivers a baby for Cheryl Donavan, a runaway from San Diego, who decides to name her girl after him. When Cheryl winds up dead, Hunter uncovers a baby-breeding operation that sells infants as though they were property.

  • S06E05 The Legion (1)

    • November 11, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall must track down the leader of the White Supremacists after he escapes from prison. Problems arise when a friend of McCall's, her former training officer, tries to help and is charged with obstruction of justice. McCall tries to help him overcome his depression over his loneliness, but she is not able to help in time to prevent his suicide.

  • S06E06 The Legion (2)

    • November 18, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall must track down the leader of the White Supremacists after he escapes from prison. Problems arise when a friend of McCall's, her former training officer, tries to help and is charged with obstruction of justice. McCall tries to help him overcome his depression over his loneliness, but she is not able to help in time to prevent his suicide.

  • S06E07 Yesterday's Child

    • November 25, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter thinks a Vietnamese-American teenager may be his son, and believes the boy when he claims to be an innocent bystander during a car theft that results in a murder.

  • S06E08 Shield of Honor

    • December 2, 1989
    • NBC

    A man is robbing and murdering businessmen when they are taking receipts to the bank. The incompetent rookie assigned to work with Hunter on the case is the son of Hunter's training officer.

  • S06E09 The Fifth Victim

    • December 9, 1989
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall track down a departmental leak in the investigation of a serial killer targeting homosexuals. A local painter confesses to committing all but one of the murders.

  • S06E10 Brotherly Love

    • January 6, 1990
    • NBC

    A young drug user who accidentally murders his pusher and then steals $200,000 in mob money from him is pursued by the pushers' drug supplier; the user's brother tries to save him.

  • S06E11 The Nightmare

    • January 13, 1990
    • NBC

    McCall returns home to find her young Latino cleaning lady murdered. Old scars on the young woman's body reveal that she was a torture victim.

  • S06E12 Broken Dreams

    • January 27, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter attempts to protect his high school sweetheart after she witnesses a murder. Her unemployed husband convinces her to take part in blackmail instead of cooperating with Hunter.

  • S06E13 Son and Heir

    • February 3, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter's investigation of a murdered cop reveals that the victim was the illegitimate son of a Mafia boss and that the killer was the man's brother.

  • S06E14 Unacceptable Loss

    • February 10, 1990
    • NBC

    A child is dead after inhaling fumes from illegally dumped cyanide, and Hunter and McCall work to charge a chemical company with second degree murder.

  • S06E15 Unfinished Business

    • February 24, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall have unresolved issues with regard to their previous love affair when Hunter's former co-worker is assigned to help with the investigation of a robber turned murderer.

  • S06E16 Lullaby

    • March 3, 1990
    • NBC

    A Scotland Yard inspector comes to town when the murder of a british prostitute resembles a string of similar murders in the U.K.

  • S06E17 Final Confession

    • March 17, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall suspect that two murders were committed as an act of revenge by a man who was recently paroled. They become frustrated when they discover that a Catholic priest knows the identity of the killer, but refuses to break his vow of confession and tell them who it is.

  • S06E18 Blind Ambition

    • March 31, 1990
    • NBC

    McCall and her boyfriend, a judge, are held captive in his house by the brother of a man whom the judge convicted and who had committed suicide in prison.

  • S06E19 Sudden Withdrawal

    • April 16, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter and McCall suspect that a bank manager is part of two bank robberies.

  • S06E20 Second Sight

    • April 23, 1990
    • NBC

    A man claims to have seen two murders in psychic visions. Hunter and McCall are skeptical until he proclaims that McCall is the next victim.

  • S06E21 Street Wise (1)

    • April 30, 1990
    • NBC

    McCall leaves the police force after rekindling a romance with an old flame. Hunter investigates a thief who is terrorizing homeless veterans.

  • S06E22 Street Wise (2)

    • May 7, 1990
    • NBC

    McCall leaves the police force after rekindling a romance with an old flame. Hunter investigates a thief who is terrorizing homeless veterans.

Season 7

  • S07E01 Deadly Encounters (1)

    • September 19, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer, as Devane considers a post in Metro.

  • S07E02 Deadly Encounters (2)

    • September 26, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer, as Devane considers a post in Metro.

  • S07E03 Where Echoes End

    • October 3, 1990
    • NBC

    A late report made by an undercover officer who witnesses the murder of a Treasury Agent arouses suspicion.

  • S07E04 Kill Zone

    • October 10, 1990
    • NBC

    Molenski is reminded of painful events while investigating a series of murder cases in which the victims were also raped.

  • S07E05 The Incident

    • October 24, 1990
    • NBC

    An innocent African American teenager is beaten when vigilante crimes cause friction between the police, the press, and a neighborhood watch group.

  • S07E06 A Snitch'll Break Your Heart

    • October 31, 1990
    • NBC

    Hunter investigates the murder of a child, and Molenski fights to save a snitch.

  • S07E07 Oh, the Shark Bites!

    • November 7, 1990
    • NBC

    Charlie Devane risks his career to protect his father's reputation after his father's name turns up on a murdered mob accountant's "debtors" list.

  • S07E08 The Usual Suspects

    • November 14, 1990
    • NBC

    An office worker in the District Attorney's office alters computer records of criminals arrested the previous evening.

  • S07E09 This is My Gun

    • November 28, 1990
    • NBC

    Molenski's gun is stolen and used in a robbery that leads to murder.

  • S07E10 La Familia

    • December 5, 1990
    • NBC

    A mobster is pressured by his father to remain in the family business after he returns home from prison.

  • S07E11 Acapulco Holiday

    • December 12, 1990
    • NBC

    The companion of a former film star turns to a life of crime in order to grant her wish to see the Acapulco beach in the moonlight. Hunter and the city are sued by a suspect who was mistakenly arrested.

  • S07E12 Fatal Obsession (1)

    • January 9, 1991
    • NBC

    A former girlfriend complicates Hunter's investigation of a string of campus murders while Molenski becomes the target of a cop-killer. Hunter tracks down a cop-killer.

  • S07E13 Fatal Obsession (2)

    • January 9, 1991
    • NBC

    A former girlfriend complicates Hunter's investigation of a string of campus murders while Molenski becomes the target of a cop-killer. Hunter tracks down a cop-killer.

  • S07E14 Under Suspicion

    • January 16, 1991
    • NBC

    Hunter searches for a missing witness while Novak seeks assistance from a computer expert to locate burglars.

  • S07E15 The Reporter

    • January 30, 1991
    • NBC

    Novak investigates several robberies and discovers that her reporter friend is using cocaine.

  • S07E16 Room Service

    • February 13, 1991
    • NBC

    A man and woman lure their victims to a hotel room where they rob and kill them.

  • S07E17 Shadows of the Past

    • February 20, 1991
    • NBC

    Novak's estranged father has an interest in the murder witness she is protecting.

  • S07E18 The Grab

    • March 2, 1991
    • NBC

    A counterfeiter's courier is murdered and the Secret Service is involved.

  • S07E19 All That Glitters

    • March 8, 1991
    • NBC

    A coin thief pursues a hooker who stole a rare coin from him.

  • S07E20 Cries of Silence

    • March 15, 1991
    • NBC

    The key witness in Hunter's case is the runaway daughter of a deaf woman.

  • S07E21 Ex Marks the Spot

    • April 5, 1991
    • NBC

    The former secretary, mistress, and wife of a dry cleaner rob his stores and end up with mob money.

  • S07E22 Little Man with a Big Reputation

    • April 26, 1991
    • NBC

    A crook chooses Captain Devane as his best man when he is being pressured by former jailmates to commit a crime.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 The Return of Hunter: Everyone Walks in L.A.

    • April 30, 1995
    • NBC

    Rick Hunter is back. Now a lieutenant, he is considering marrying his girlfriend. But before he could, she is murdered. He suspects that it's probably her abusive ex-husband who is stalking her. But being a celebrity, Hunter's not sure if he will be tried much less convicted. But did he really, that's what Hunter is asking when someone calls him with first hand information about the murder.

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Return to Justice

    • November 16, 2002
    • NBC

    On enforced leave following a failed drug bust, LAPD Lieutenant Rick Hunter heads to San Diego, where he catches up with former partner Dee Dee McCall. But upon their reunion, Hunter and McCall become embroiled in a terrifying game of cat and mouse that has its roots in Russia.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Back in Force

    • April 3, 2003
    • NBC

    Lieutenent Rick Hunter, now of San Diego Police Department, along with his 'new' partner Sergeant Dee Dee McCall, must track down a group of women bank robbers who appear to be behind bars when the crimes occur, while simultaneously looking for an excon he put away who has just been released and is now on a vengeful crime wave.

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Vaya Sin Dios

    • NBC

  • SPECIAL 0x5 Untouchable

    • NBC

  • SPECIAL 0x6 Dead Heat

    • NBC