Magdalene despairs to know that the apostles were discovered. Joan says there was a tragedy. Marcos spots Petronius and the soldiers. Tiago Justo and Lázaro disguise themselves to mislead the guards at the inn. Pilate invites Arimathea and Magdalene to drink wine. Caiaphas celebrates the end of Jesus. Claudia and Helen threaten Pilate if he does evil to the apostles. Petronius and the soldiers reach the apostles' hiding place. Roman soldiers do not find the apostles in hiding. Lázaro and Tiago Justo try to hide the disguise. Sula implies with Mirian. Yona says she misses Jesus. Matthew talks to Cornelius and explains how they fled. James Juto is thrilled to discover that Deborah is pregnant. Claudia says she'll miss Cassandra. Pilate threatens Petronius. Tadeu talks about his love for Helena. Livona is pleased to realize that Caiaphas is enjoying her services. Lazarus and Susana declare themselves. Marta says she loves Malco. Bethany kisses Zelote. Peter and the apostles go out to fish. Petronius says goodbye to Cassandra. Pedro is disappointed with the lack of fish. Caiaphas praises the behavior of Livona and Annas strange. The apostles see Jesus during fishing, but they do not recognize Him. Miraculously, they can fish many fish. The apostles recognize Jesus. John writes on his parchment. The apostles and other disciples marvel at the words of the Messiah.

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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, April 16, 2019
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  • Writers Paula Richard
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