# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Internet Obscenity Revenge?!; Wild Car Crash Caught on Tape! 09/11/2017
2 Child Abuse by Mom's Boyfriend?!; Bail Out Gone Wrong 09/11/2017
3 Wedding Ring Theft?; Don't Kiss Your Sister's Boyfriend! 09/12/2017
4 Worms Coming Up Through Drain?! 09/12/2017
5 Felony Kickbacks?!; Pomeranian Puppy Problem! 09/13/2017
6 Vicious Call to Ex-Lover's Boss?!; Roommate Roulette 09/13/2017
7 Last Will and Testament Surprise; Silent Partner Rip-Off?! 09/14/2017
8 When Miniature Pinschers Attack!; If You Like Me ... Take Down Your Dating Profile!; Eviction Save! 09/14/2017
9 Quick! Take This Homeless Baby?!; Single Mother Mayhem! 09/15/2017
10 Harlequin Great Dane Rescue?!; Whatever You Do ... Don't Answer the Phone! 09/15/2017
11 Heartthrob Concert Chaos! 09/18/2017
12 Drugs, Kids and Feuding Parents; Childcare Drama; Drug Arrests and Friendship Tests 09/18/2017
13 Teen Assaults Woman With Mace?; When Old Cats Attack 09/19/2017
14 Don't Sell Dogs to Teenagers!; World's Worst Roommate?! 09/19/2017
15 Sardines and Dr. Pepper Vandal!; Motorcycle T-Bone Crash! 09/20/2017
16 Unwed Teen Parent Turmoil & CPS Visits 09/20/2017
17 Mermaid Mural and Assault in the Yogurt Shop?!; Stylist Wars! 09/21/2017
18 Got $42,000? Plane for Sale! 09/21/2017
19 Family Business Money Triangle 09/22/2017
20 Childcare Payback!; Expensive Phone -- Throwaway Boyfriend?!; Telephone Pole Crash! 09/22/2017
21 Teen Joyriders Busted by Police!; Uninsured Boyfriend Destroys Car?! 09/25/2017
22 Home Profits Snafu!; Can You Find the Scam? 09/26/2017
23 You Can't Take the Fireplace With You!; Best Friend Split After Party Swipe! 09/27/2017
24 Pekingese Chihuahua Mating Mess; Camper vs. Computer 09/28/2017
25 I Will Never Help Another Soul Again!; Load a Bowl of Cannabis Vendetta?!; Oops! Lost My Checkbook! 09/29/2017
26 Robbed by Lover While in Prison?! 10/16/2017
27 Deliberate Finger Slam?!; I'm Not Paying for a Dry Wig! 10/17/2017
28 Husky Attacks Bichon Frise?!; Sick Girlfriend Payback! 10/18/2017
29 You Get What You Paint For!; Don't Fence Me In! 10/19/2017
30 Baby's Ashes Stolen?!; Daughter's Bad Behavior Battle 10/20/2017
31 Land Thief?!; Blown Stop Sign Slam?!; Fender Bender Battle! 10/20/2017
32 Attack Victim Cradles Pit Bull Like a Baby?!; Two Lemon Cars Equals Lemonade? 10/23/2017
33 Bullhorn Craziness Caught on Tape?!; Sublet Sorrow 10/24/2017
34 Dogsitting Disaster!; Surprise! We're Squatters?! 10/25/2017
35 Child Abuse Allegations and Assault? - Part 1 10/26/2017
36 Spiteful Grandpa?; Timber! Healthy Tree Takedown! 10/26/2017
37 Street Cat Fight in Front of Children?! - Part 2; Young Waitress Dupes Older Man? 10/27/2017
38 Slashed Tires and Stolen iPhone?; Moving Violation Bonanza! 10/27/2017
39 Biker Tackled by Raging Motorist - Part 1 10/30/2017
40 Groom Gets Cold Feet on Wedding Day!; Landlord Game Changer 10/30/2017
41 Injured Cyclist Screaming Like a Lunatic?! - Part 2 10/31/2017
42 Teen's Crash Cover-Up Story?!; Baby Daddy Called Home From Callie! 10/31/2017
43 Drunk Man Rages Against Neighbor?!; Illegal Breeding?! 11/01/2017
44 Make a Teenager Watch This Case!; Shot in the Arm While Driving! 11/01/2017
45 When Friends Cut Friends?!; Judge Judy's Big Emergency Account?! 11/02/2017
46 Homeless Ex Assaults TV?!; Massage Therapist Payback 11/02/2017
47 Car Sale Gets Personal!; Father-to-Be Cheating on Mommy-to-Be?! 11/03/2017
48 Don't Trust Men You Meet in a Supermarket?!; Flim Flam Car Sham?!; Mom Bails on Bail?! 11/03/2017
49 Teenager Challenges Judge Judy!; Stolen Service Dog?! 11/06/2017
50 It's All Very L.A.!; Mother Daughter Hair Care Fiasco?! 11/06/2017
51 Electric Scooter Pet Collision!; Back and Forth Truck Fail! 11/07/2017
52 Smoking, Squatting and Blaring Music?!; Assault Rifle Rift?! 11/07/2017
53 Coming to America ... to Sue My Daughter!; Reckless Driver, Wrecked Car? 11/08/2017
54 Man Pays Ex-Lover to Move Out?!; Wedding Venue Disaster! 11/08/2017
55 Newlywed Yelps Against Caterer?!; Bride Hates Her Wedding Photos! 11/09/2017
56 Officer Byrd Settles Case!; Dancing Beer Bottle to the Face! 11/09/2017
57 Father Rescues Daughter From Predator Danger?! 11/10/2017
58 Don't Miss Date Night! 11/10/2017
59 Domestic Abuse or Working the System?! 11/13/2017
60 Short Romance, Long Headache!; Sparrow Breaks Lease?; Amusement Park Pass Fraud?! 11/13/2017
61 Generous Aunt, Ungrateful Niece?; Husky Attacks Yorkie?! 11/14/2017
62 Give Me Back My Pomeranian!; Engagement Ring at Stake!; Boyfriend Embarrassment? 11/14/2017
63 Here's $30K: Go Furnish the House!; Judge's Verdict on Prom Dress: Awful! 11/15/2017
64 Single Mother Breaks House Rules; Father Steals From Incarcerated Son?! 11/15/2017
65 Commission Mission!; Buddy Pass Fraud?! 11/16/2017
66 Pants From Thailand for Sale!; Take My Loan Out of the Tip Jar! 11/16/2017
67 Pick Axes and Sucker Punches?! 11/17/2017
68 Teen Breaks Off Ankle Monitor!; Dangerous Dog Euthanized 11/17/2017
69 Knife Fight! Part 1; Woman Stabs Herself in the Neck?! 11/20/2017
70 From Homeless to Helpless?!; Hush Money?! 11/20/2017
71 Knife Fight! Part 2; Food Stamp Treachery? 11/21/2017
72 Security Guards Turned Roommates; Excuses Central! 11/21/2017
73 Man Has No Clue Why Girlfriend Is Mad!; Remembrance of Trucks Past 11/22/2017
74 Snake in the Basement!; Truck Driving School Payback! 11/22/2017
75 Bedbugs, Roaches and Mold?; Hit and Run Payback 11/27/2017
76 Show Me the Damage; Don't Trust Five-Star Reviews! 11/28/2017
77 Ex-Heroin Addict Tire-Slashing Mother?; Use Car Exploitation 11/29/2017
78 German Shepherd Attacks Chihuahua?; Houston Hurricane Damage? 11/30/2017
79 Divorcees Duke It Out; Muslim Mudslinging 12/01/2017
80 Bulldog Rescue Scam or Slander? 12/04/2017
81 New Career: Flipping Cars!; Creative Judgment! 12/06/2017
82 When Old Friends Become New Roommates; Frightened Painter Walks Off Job? 12/07/2017
83 Unwed Parents Feud!; Twin Sisters, Huge Settlement? 12/08/2017
84 Ambulance Ride Revisited; New ''Get Out of Jail'' Clothes 12/15/2017
85 Busting at the Seams in Hot Springs!; Lawn or Love Business?! 12/22/2017
86 Disabled Helping the Disabled?; Highway Barricade Collision! 01/02/2018
87 Repo Skirmish?! 01/03/2018
88 Car Takes a Hood Pounding!; If Your Bed Is There, You Are There! 01/04/2018
89 Fit of Drunken Rage?!; Social Security Theft?! 01/05/2018
90 Vindictive Tool Thief?!; Teen Driver Fail! 01/08/2018
91 Sister Love Gone Wrong!; Who Stole My Clarinet? 01/09/2018
92 Paraplegic's Dying Wishes Ignored?!; Mommy Stole My School Money! 01/10/2018
93 Where's My Harley Money?!; Choose a Defense ... Any Defense!; Moped Spill! 01/11/2018
94 Don't Treat Me Like the Help!; Motorcycle Mystery! 01/12/2018
95 Repo Mama!; Military Man Browbeating?; Truck Sale Fraud? 01/15/2018
96 Incarcerated Mechanic Runaround?!; Annoying New Girlfriend Alert!; High Speed Hit and Run?! 01/16/2018
97 Father Figure Accused of Evil Plot!; Phantom Driver at Fault?! 01/17/2018
98 Rent Control and the American Dream!; Outrageous Drinking and Driving Excuse! 01/18/2018
99 Yappie Yorkie Takes a Hit?!; World's Worst Music Deal?!; Security Deposit Dog Drama! 01/19/2018
100 Parties, Police and Payback?!; Bernese Mountain Dog Custody 01/22/2018
101 Man Endures Eight Rabies Shots After Attack!; Grief and Grit 01/23/2018
102 Vocab Lesson for Vandalizing Teenagers?!; I Wouldn't Sue My Son! 01/24/2018
103 Evicted by Mom?!; My Father Defrauded Me! 01/25/2018
104 Screaming Dog Owner's Gruesome Discovery!; Motorcycle Moocher?! 01/26/2018
105 Book Proposal Bust!; When Starving Retrievers Attack?! 01/29/2018
106 No One Talks to Judge Judy Like That!; Grief and Trauma Rental? 01/30/2018
107 Study Abroad Freeloader?!; Road Rage With Children in the Car?! 01/31/2018
108 Sucker Punch During Family Brunch?!; No Help for Scammers?! 02/01/2018
109 Hospital Cat Fight Mayhem!; It's Not My Fault! 02/01/2018
110 Don't Make Babies if You Don't Have a Job!; Final Days for First Cousins; Kicking Cars and Drinking! 02/02/2018
111 Short Love, Long Loan!; Videographer in the Ex-Lover Hot Seat?! 02/02/2018
112 Love Triangle Double Assault! 02/05/2018
113 Registered Sex Offender Fail?; Girl on Bike Hit by Car! 02/05/2018
114 Hazmat Poisoning of Innocent Family?! 02/06/2018
115 Give Me My Sports Car!; When Potted Plants Attack ... 02/06/2018
116 Unwed Parents Payback; From Homeless to Houseless?! 02/07/2018
117 Stealth Assault by Neighbor?! 02/07/2018
118 Creepy Jacuzzi Offer?!; Pay Me for Gardening! 02/08/2018
119 Writer vs. Magazine Owner; Act of God Tree Fall?! 02/08/2018
120 BMW Vandal?!; Cyclist Collision; Ex-Boyfriend Damage Control! 02/09/2018
121 Classic Truck Feud!; Gambling, Tax Refunds and Murder? 02/09/2018
122 Teen Boys Looking for Trouble; You Shouldn't Be on TV! 02/12/2018
123 Victim Payback for Towing Scam?; Beach Day Turns Violent? 02/12/2018
124 Homeland Security Homeschooling? 02/13/2018
125 The Anti-Sleepover Landlord?; Heavily Fogged Motorist? 02/13/2018
126 Chihuahua Nabbed by Dog Through Fence?; Let Me See My Dying Father! 02/14/2018
127 Leaks, Mold and the Illegal Tenant?; Drunk and Racist? No Way! 02/14/2018
128 Attorney Pleads His Case; Dad, You Drink Too Much 02/15/2018
129 Young Parents' Bitter Break-Up; Judge Judy Calls a Witness 02/15/2018
130 How to Stop Your Dog From Killing You; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow? 02/16/2018
131 Antique Gun Heist; Ungrateful Goddaughter? 02/16/2018
132 Rough Playground Plight!; Dueling Traffic Violations! 02/19/2018
133 Illegal Eviction Vendetta?!; Dangerous Home for a Child?! 02/20/2018
134 Mother of Nine Payback?!; Cats on the Prowl?!; Cry Me a River! 02/21/2018
135 Vicious Pit Bull Attack?!; Six-Year-Old Takes the Stand! 02/22/2018
136 House Flipping and Assault!?; Mechanic Fraud?! 02/22/2018
137 Daddy Debt Deployed to Japan?; Show Me the Money! 02/23/2018
138 Don’t Clown Around With the Judge!; Car Swap Fail! 02/23/2018
139 Toxic Eye Injury?!; Mother Illegally Relocates Child?! 02/26/2018
140 Fed-Up Boss!; Negligent Teen Fishing Captain?!; Where's My $19,000 Garage Apartment?! 02/26/2018
141 Lying to Brooklyn Police?!; Uber Relationship Fail 02/27/2018
142 Jail Bailout Blues; Rare Disease? Financial Disaster! 02/28/2018
143 Which Driver Is Lying?!; Hauling Business Fail! 02/28/2018
144 Motorcycle Mayhem 03/01/2018
145 Friends Let Friends Drive Drunk?!; Wedding Band Break-Up!; Prove It's My Fault! 03/02/2018
146 Murder, Prison and Conjugal Visits; Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite! 03/05/2018
147 A Woman's Dying Wishes; Subwoofer Custody Battle! 03/06/2018
148 And the Most Apathetic Landlord Award Goes to ...?!; The Cadillac and the Ex-Con Mom! 03/07/2018
149 I'm Glad Your Cat Is Dead! 03/08/2018
150 Bleached Lawn Outrage!; Unwed Parents Feud; Time for Adult Child to Step Up! 03/09/2018
151 Gruesome Pet Discovery!; Single Mom Mayhem 03/12/2018
152 Head-Butting Tenant?!; Irresponsible Health Care Worker?! 03/13/2018
153 Neuter the Puppy or Lose the Puppy!; Hog-Hunting, Deer-Shooting and Frog-Leg Fighting! 03/14/2018
154 Homeless and Helpless?!; Deceased Father's Debt Drama! 03/15/2018
155 Help! I've Fallen Through a Hole!; Code Enforcement Fail?; Concrete Wall Collapse! 03/20/2018
156 Gestapo Mom Moves In With UC Berkeley Son?!; The Writing on the 8-Year-Old's Wall! 03/28/2018
157 Fighting After Father Dies; Lame Limo Business?! 03/29/2018
158 Deal With the Devil?!; Suspicious Nicaragua Trip; Expert Breakdown Witness?! 03/30/2018
159 Turtle Custody, Police and Power; High Heels on Disability? 03/30/2018
160 One Sick Puppy!; Abuse of the Court System?; Deceased Man's Golf Cart Giveaway?! 04/06/2018
161 Judy Bets on Officer Byrd's Life!; Guilty Tenant? 04/23/2018
162 Get Divorced Faster!; He Had a Gun! Read the Constitution?! 04/24/2018
163 Drive Away From the Hurricane!; Friends Do Let Friends Drive Drunk! 04/25/2018
164 Sobriety, Cheap Housing and Dangerous Heating; Sneakiest Insurance Scam Ever 04/25/2018
165 Sexting Gone Terribly Wrong! 04/26/2018
166 The $9,000 Favor; Boyfriends' Trip to Spain Fail 04/26/2018
167 Restraining Order Riot; Pit Bull Has a Bad Day 04/27/2018
168 Intimate or Not Intimate?; Process Server Payback! 04/27/2018
169 What if the Child Had Died?!; The Judge Asks a Woman-to-Woman Question! 04/30/2018
170 Dog Loses Eye at Photo Shoot!; Judge Catches Bad Driver in a Lie? 04/30/2018
171 Gun Custody Stand-Off?! 05/01/2018
172 The Stabbed Mattress, Mini Bull Terrier Battle?!; Possession of Heroin Bail Payback?! 05/01/2018
173 Video of Assault While Holding a Baby! 05/02/2018
174 I Wanted to See My Grandfather's Fake Eyeball! 05/02/2018
175 Cheerleading Nanny Time!; Puppies Eat Poisonous Elephant Ears! 05/03/2018
176 Transgender Art Drama?!; You Sold Me an Injured Horse?! 05/03/2018
177 Yes, I Attacked Him; Yes, I Choked Her! 05/04/2018
178 Smashed and Bashed Love!; Landscaper Laziness?! 05/04/2018
179 Shih Tzu Comes Between Lesbian Ex-Lovers!; Lesson in Respect Man Won't Forget! 05/07/2018
180 Guess What a Pit Bull Did?!; You're Not Gonna Believe This One! 05/07/2018
181 Mother Teresa Tesla Driver?!; Baby Daddy Ex-Lovers' Fight! 05/08/2018
182 I'm Glad I Had My Mom Arrested!; Gift-Giving 101 05/08/2018
183 Marital Debt Drama!; Teenager Hit at School; Child's Bike/Car Collision Caught on Tape! 05/09/2018
184 When the Aggressor Becomes the Victim?!; Pit Bull Takes a Bite out of a Man's Ear? 05/09/2018
185 Gorgeous Engagement Ring Setback!; Conspiracy Theory Flight Plan?! 05/10/2018
186 Rumors of Arson?!; Struggling Father's Uphill Battle 05/10/2018
187 Drive to Church Gone Bad!; Whiplash? I Doubt That! 05/11/2018
188 Dreaded Secret of the VW Rabbit?!; You Are Your Furniture! 05/11/2018
189 Open Relationship Shocker!; Chicken Slaughter 05/14/2018
190 Brandishing a Gun; Neglecting a Cat?!; Who Left the Diapers Out?! 05/14/2018
191 I Was in Rehab for Everything! 05/15/2018
192 Karma and the Camera!; Teen Failure Blamed on Tutor?! 05/15/2018
193 Frightened Mother's Telling Texts? 05/16/2018
194 Girlfriend's Hissy Fit Damage?! 05/16/2018
195 Puppy Death Drama; Lightning Strike Strife! 05/17/2018
196 Man With 12 Sisters Denies Assaulting a Woman; Trim My Tree... or Else!; Judge Judy Challenges a Teenager 05/17/2018
197 Bed Rest Made Me Do It!; Worst Teen Driver Award! 05/18/2018
198 Irresponsible Child or Greedy Parents?!; Hazmat Clean-Up, Drug Use and the Police?! 05/18/2018
199 $8,000 Designer Sneaker Fight!; Sister Mustang Feud 05/21/2018
200 Human Trafficking?! 05/21/2018
201 Falsely Imprisoned Bad Driver?!; What Does Judge Judy Hate?! 05/22/2018
202 Cute Yorkie Makes Court Debut!; Amusement Park Not So Amusing! 05/22/2018
203 Alabama Section 8 Payback! 05/23/2018
204 Shocking Tree Trimming!; Ex-Lover Slashing?! 05/23/2018
205 Deal With Your Child in Foster Care!; Mom's Burial Policy; Defective Sports Apparel Drama! 05/24/2018
206 Witness to Vandalism!; Domestic Dispute Ejection?!; Courts Are for Married Folks! 05/25/2018
207 Redneck With a Laser Pointer?!; Engine Blew? It's Up to You! 05/28/2018
208 Halfway House Flood!; Painter Misses the Obvious?! 05/29/2018
209 Widow's Cadillac Woes!; Anxious Dog Bites Pet Sitter! 05/30/2018
210 Here's the Real Reason We're Not Married!; Jail Time Buick Bummer!; Home Sale Fail! 06/01/2018
211 Kindergarten Teacher Abuse?!; Horse Grazing Ignorance?!; Fiance in Legal Trouble! 06/01/2018
212 College Teacher's DUI Drama!; Haunted Police Payday? 06/04/2018
213 The Service Dog Started It!; Roommate Forced Out and Robbed?! 06/05/2018
214 Endangered Children or Jealous Ex-Husband?!; Stormy Fence Fight! 06/06/2018
215 Overcrowding Chaos!; Bleeding Head Intro?!; Teen Vandal in the Hot Seat?! 06/07/2018
216 I'm Moving Back In, Dad!; Snowy Spinout!; Sister Slam!; Father Figure Fail? 06/08/2018
217 Grandmother Raises Ungrateful Brat?!; He Treated Me Like a Queen! 06/11/2018
218 Service Dog Attack?!; Unbelievable Tree Chopper Trauma 06/12/2018
219 Baby Formula for Disaster!; Police Fight Aromatherapy Crime! 06/13/2018
220 Pre-Valentine's Day Surprise Break-Up!; Quickest Way to End a Friendship! 06/14/2018
221 Machine Operator Mom vs. Entitled Daughter?; Generation Z Start Up Fail! 06/18/2018
222 Woman Takes Tumble Down Unsafe Stairs?!; Show Car Not Go Car! 06/19/2018
223 The Ultimate Neighbor Fence Dispute!; I Want a 25K Video for Free! 06/20/2018
224 Death at the Cat Lady's Doorstep!; Only in America! 06/21/2018
225 Mystery of the Missing Altima!; Ex-Lover Check Fraud Injustice? 06/22/2018
226 S22 E226 07/04/2018


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