# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Surprise Police Dash Cam Video!; Dog Pulling Skateboarder Scuffle! 09/10/2018
2 Baby in Danger?! 09/10/2018
3 Man Claws His Own Face?!; Do-It-Yourself Puppy Delivery! 09/11/2018
4 Botched Tattooed Eyebrows?! 09/11/2018
5 Blatant Cheater?! 09/12/2018
6 Teenager's New Home Burns Down!; Marijuana-laced Brownies 09/12/2018
7 Sexual Assault Allegations 09/13/2018
8 Pool Fraud?!; Raise Your Hand If You Were Drinking! 09/13/2018
9 Wildest Explanation?!; Drug Possession and Child Custody?! 09/14/2018
10 When the Marine Is Away, the Gun Is in Play!; He Likes It Hot! 09/14/2018
11 Oh How I Wish I Hadn't Taken That Nude Photo of Myself!; Sushi Day for Judge Judy! 09/17/2018
12 Limo Driver Pummeled by Angry Drunk Passenger? 09/17/2018
13 Alcohol Poisoning Brought to You by Beer Pong!; Detox Cookbook Controversy 09/18/2018
14 Where's the Love?!; Small Dog Takes Bite Out of Delivery Man?! 09/18/2018
15 Why Are You Women Attracted to this Man?!; It's My Stupid Dog Story, and I'm Sticking to It?! 09/19/2018
16 Back Child Support Eats Up Settlement Check!; $65,000 Black Ice Settlement! 09/19/2018
17 Car Wash Road Rage Powered by Disability!; Mechanic Destroys Harley?! 09/20/2018
18 Bad Driver Caught on Tape?!; Teen Sues for Repo After Great Car Deal 09/20/2018
19 Teen Buys Stolen Dirt Bike 09/21/2018
20 Children in Kitchen Lead to Alleged Assault?! 09/21/2018
21 Tooth Knocked Out in Dog Fight?!; Puppy From Hell?! 09/24/2018
22 Dog Owner Laughs at Woman's Bloody Injuries?!; Malicious Harley Tow?! 09/25/2018
23 Your Husband Is My Man?!; Mobile Home Scam?! 09/26/2018
24 Used and Confused!; Pregnant and Owing?! 09/27/2018
25 Hypodermic Needle Fence Dispute?!; Chihuahua Death by Chocolate?! 09/28/2018
26 Heartbreaking Dog Custody Verdict; Mutilated Flower Fiasco?! 10/01/2018
27 Tag Team for Child Custody?!; Mother-Daughter Cruise Fail! 10/02/2018
28 Great Pyrenees Attacks Delivery Boy?!; The Judge's Nail Appointment?! 10/03/2018
29 Horse Put Down by Financially Strapped Owner; Illegal Deportation?! 10/04/2018
30 Vicious Pit Bull Kills Again?! 10/05/2018
31 Shameful Squatter and Pit Bull Pushover?!; Tree Trimming Travesty 10/08/2018
32 Emotional Vandal Pulls a Knife?!; Birthday Corvette and Abandoned Dogs?!; The Court Can't Help You! 10/09/2018
33 Unbelievable Semi-Nude Photo Post?!; Quinceanera Loan or Friendly Contribution?; Law Student Should Know Better! 10/10/2018
34 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!; Those Are Not My Texts! 10/11/2018
35 Love Triangle Vandalism?! 10/12/2018
36 Dog Abuse vs. Puppy Deaths?!; High Kick to Antique Dresser?!; Show Me Proof of Internal Bruising! 10/15/2018
37 House Flipping Scam Artist?!; Pit Bull Mix Goes for Woman's Throat?!; Unfair Child Support! 10/16/2018
38 Vandalism Excuse at its Finest?!; Amazing Townhouse Profit?! 10/17/2018
39 Big Bucks Fish Tank Botch?!; Lover's Lexus Mix-Up! 10/18/2018
40 Hair Stylist Left in the Dark?!; Solar Tree Trimming Disaster?! 10/19/2018
41 Woman Desperate for Degrading Job?!; The Infamous Afghanistan Scam?! 10/22/2018
42 Dove Release Runaround; Uber Driver Payback?!; Clueless Young Mother?! 10/23/2018
43 A Mother's Worst Nightmare 10/24/2018
44 Thanksgiving Pit Bull Terrorism?!; Mysterious Mexican Van Vacation? 10/25/2018
45 The Wild Party Injury and the Uneducated Fool?! 10/25/2018
46 Fight Over Boy Equals Baseball Bat Vandalism?!; Married Military Teen Sues Cousin 10/26/2018
47 My Brother Broke My Arm!; Ex-Con Hops on One Foot for Judge Judy! 10/26/2018
48 Dog Grooming Trauma Caught on Tape!; Broken Love, Broken Lease?! 10/29/2018
49 Innocent Black Youth Threatened by Police?!; Botox Me Baby! 10/29/2018
50 Abysmal Wedding DJ?!; I'm Not Paying for Your Child! 10/30/2018
51 Short Marriage, Long Wedding Debt!; Jeweler Shares Business Secret! 10/30/2018
52 Random Vandalism or Hilary Clinton Attack? 10/31/2018
53 Man Ejected From His Own Home!; Father Son Car Project Fail! 10/31/2018
54 Children Witness Violent Tasering?!; Baloney Story From Squatter?! 11/01/2018
55 Unbelievable Toll Bill!; Holiday Betrayal! 11/01/2018
56 Drunk Driving Freeway Brawl!?; Don't Double-Talk Me! 11/02/2018
57 Kid Bullies and Vandals?!; Get Outta My Lane! 11/02/2018
58 Pepper Spraying Parent Catastrophe! 11/05/2018
59 Wild Tequila Bar Catfight!; Older Woman Takes Advantage of Young Partner?! 11/05/2018
60 Wedding Dress Distress; Pregnant and Panicked! 11/06/2018
61 I Need You to Love My Lamb!; Playing the Ride Share Game 11/06/2018
62 Pet Sitter Kills Dog?!; You're an Idiot for Helping Someone in Need! 11/07/2018
63 Woman Left Dying on Bathroom Floor?!; 5K Credit Card Free Ride?! 11/07/2018
64 You Made It Awkward! You Pay for It!; I Am Not My Adult Son's Keeper! 11/08/2018
65 Woman Whacks Husband's Ex in Head With a Gun?!; My Arm Was Almost Torn Off! 11/09/2018
66 Teenager's Night in Prison!; Completely Hideous Bridal Gown?! 11/09/2018
67 Guess Which Breed of Dog Annihilates Another!; Upcoming Rap Star Bling!; Cat-Litter Eating Puppy?! 11/12/2018
68 Shady Supervised Child Visits?; Bromance Party Fail! 11/12/2018
69 House Flipping 101: What Not to Do!; I Threw a Pingpong Ball, Not a Rock! 11/13/2018
70 Scary Healthcare Rip-Off; Senior Tricked Into Nursing Home Facility?!; Car Thieves Don't Get Far With Lemon! 11/13/2018
71 Damning Vandalism and Theft Caught on Tape?!; Don't Call My Antiques Junk! 11/14/2018
72 Man's Face Caught in Blacklisted Dog's Mouth!; Bengal Cat Breeding Debacle! 11/14/2018
73 Drone Under Attack Takes Fatal Dive!; Mysterious Cat Attacks Shepherd Puppy! 11/15/2018
74 Intimately Transmitted Disease Drama!; Dog Destroys $3,000 Mattress! 11/15/2018
75 Drug Bust and Jail Time!; Roof Falls on Daughter's Head?! 11/16/2018
76 Don't Even Think About Writing Hate Mail to Judge Judy!; Men Can't Get Ex-Wife Out Fast Enough?!; Painful Tooth Extraction Payback! 11/16/2018
77 Skateboard Boy Wonder; Mud-Dragging, Big Tipper?! 11/19/2018
78 Husband in Prison, Lover on the Side?!; Stealing From a Little Old Lady?! 11/19/2018
79 Endangered Child Rescue!; Child Surrogacy Meets Plastic Surgery! 11/20/2018
80 Stealing Workers and Money?! 11/20/2018
81 Alabama Crackheads Beware!; Rib Bones Sicken Puppy! 11/21/2018
82 Dual Driving Disaster; Aggressive Accounting 11/21/2018
83 Kicked Back Home to Saudi Arabia?!; Wake Up! You're a Squatter! 11/26/2018
84 Most Ridiculous Error in Judgment Award Goes to...; Hooters' Manager Not So Manageable? 11/27/2018
85 Son Spits in Father's Face!; Ex-Fiances Cut Their Losses! 11/30/2018
86 Dog Uses Bathroom in Shared Hallway?! 11/30/2018
87 Ex-Lovers Lifetime Protective Orders!; Vandalizing Fit of Jealous Rage? 12/03/2018
88 Locked and Loaded Neighborhood Patrol?! 12/04/2018
89 Trucking Venture Disaster?!; Waffle Whammy! 12/07/2018
90 Adultery and Assault?!; Border Collie Puppy Sent Packing! 12/10/2018
91 Fresh Mouth Dismissed From the Courtroom!; Toddler Daycare Injury; Pit Bull Chews Up House! 12/11/2018
92 Repo Assault and Neglect?!; Dog's Broken Nail Leads to Amputation?! 12/12/2018
93 Kid Carnival Fail!; Attempted Murder and Million Dollar Bail 12/13/2018
94 Homeless, Evicted and Robbed?!; Sentimental Family Property Feud 12/14/2018
95 Tree Trimming Travesty?!; Graduation Expediter to the Rescue!; 3K Worth of Nothing?! 12/19/2018
96 Clueless Young Bookkeeper?; Mother's Ashes Traded for Car? 12/20/2018
97 Deceased Father's Truck Totaled!; Adult Son Breaks Dad's Rules?; That's a Bunch of Baloney! 12/20/2018
98 Stalking Through the Ceiling?!; BB Gun Shootout?! 12/21/2018
99 Sentimental Fence Feud!; Juice-Bar Owner Fail?! 12/21/2018
100 What Are You NOT Suing Me For?!; When Smog Comes Between Friends!; Mother/Daughter Eviction and Child Endangerment?! 12/25/2018
101 Older Woman Mauled by Boxers?!; Grizzly Moving Accident! 12/28/2018
102 Bad Teen Driver Crashes Into School! 01/07/2019
103 Cheated Out of 20K?!; Cyclists Don't Own the Road! 01/08/2019
104 Bitter About Boy Toy?!; Handsome Lawyer Remodel Fail! 01/09/2019
105 Get Out -- You're a Squatter!; Maserati Madness! 01/10/2019
106 A Dingo Mauled My Shepherd?!; Customized Nightmare! 01/11/2019
107 Special Needs Nanny Drama; World's Most Expensive Finance Class?! 01/14/2019
108 Car Flipper Backfire! 01/15/2019
109 Muzzle Confusion and Attack!; Swamp-Hunting Dog Meets Pit Bull! 01/16/2019
110 When Faulty Drivers Collide!; Kitty Litter Misstep! 01/17/2019
111 Sneaky Kickback Party!; Fraud and the Smelly Cat?! 01/21/2019
112 Illegal Power Rip-Off!; Wage Garnishment Travesty! 01/22/2019
113 50th Birthday Party Grand Entrance Upset!; Shoddy Work or Slanderous Words?! 01/23/2019
114 Pigs Leave a House Like This!; Toxic Ex-Roommate?! 01/24/2019
115 Huge Ego on Display?!; Masseuse on the Loose! 01/25/2019
116 Hotel Heist or Gold-Digger Guest?; West Nile Virus Threat?! 01/28/2019
117 Anxious Toy Spaniel Tug of War!; Courts Don't Care About You! 01/29/2019
118 Misguided Binge Shopping?; Jet Ski Stupidity! 01/30/2019
119 Race Card Played in Reckless Driver Drama; Dog Sitting for the Homeless?! 01/31/2019
120 Death Threat Caught on Tape!; Mother/Daughter Debt Duel! 01/31/2019
121 Unfit Dog Owner?! 02/01/2019
122 How to Tell if You're a Crazy Cat Lady!; Diamond-Encrusted Pawn Star!; Illegal Tenant Trouble! 02/01/2019
123 Stabbing, Slashing and Kidnapping?! 02/04/2019
124 $44,000 Child Support Bill?!; Drug Addiction Duo! 02/04/2019
125 Blind Man's Outrageous Request!; Service Dog Attacked in Coffee Shop! 02/05/2019
126 You Look Scared to Death... I Like It!; The Bank Is Closed! 02/05/2019
127 Dad's Therapy-Dog Scam?!; The First Lady of Hats 02/06/2019
128 Fresh Start or Fifth DUI?!; Judy Quotes Pacino 02/06/2019
129 Windshield Smack Down!; Show Me the Proof! 02/07/2019
130 Advocate Against Horse Slaughter 02/07/2019
131 Sex, Drugs and Surveillance?; Barn Wedding Fail! 02/08/2019
132 Stroke Victim's Frivolous Family Fight?!; Photo Cookie Bust! 02/08/2019
133 Beverly Hills Nightmare!; Horse-Riding Jeans Rule! 02/11/2019
134 Vandal Trapped by Bad Spelling?!; Lonely Puppy Damage 02/11/2019
135 Gender Reveal Party Pooper!; Judge Judy's Joy for $500 Alex! 02/12/2019
136 Halfway House Fail!; Son Paid to Care for Sick Mother 02/12/2019
137 The Duped Duo!; Co-Worker Hang Up! 02/13/2019
138 Don't Let Children Watch This!; Go Back to Where You Came From!; Was She High?! 02/13/2019
139 Never Pepper Spray a Cop's Kid!; Vandal's Apology Caught on Text?! 02/14/2019
140 Divorcees Fight over Son's Assault!; House Flipping Flop! 02/14/2019
141 Dirty Politics in a Union Election?! 02/15/2019
142 Sub-Lease Deadbeat?!; Neighbor Survey Changes Everything! 02/15/2019
143 Arrested for Mysterious Thigh-Kick?! 02/18/2019
144 Recess for a New Generation!; Bag of Rice Cellphone Trick! 02/18/2019
145 Mother's Mortgage Mishap!; Company and Fish Start to Stink...; Woman Assaults Father of Her Child?! 02/19/2019
146 Equestrian Bucks Responsibility?! 02/19/2019
147 Kidnapping and Assault?!; Define Restitution, Your Honor 02/20/2019
148 War Waged Over Gucci the Yorkie! 02/20/2019
149 My Pit Bull Is Like Scooby Doo!; Car Slammed Into Newspaper Stand! 02/21/2019
150 Condemned!; Dating Inventors Butt Heads! 02/21/2019
151 Alimony Hell!; Police Witness Vandalism! 02/22/2019
152 It's Not My Fault You're a Bad Driver!; Tyrannical Roommate?! 02/22/2019
153 Your Deceased Mother Would Be Ashamed of You!; Clueless Tenant?! 02/25/2019
154 Repossession Roulette! 02/26/2019
155 Grieving Sisters Try to Keep It Friendly!; Vanishing Carpenter?! 02/27/2019
156 Nine Phones, One Deadbeat Ex-Lover?!; Unlicensed Teen Coming In Hot!; Help Me and My Five Kids? 03/04/2019
157 Arson Payback for Vet Bill?!; Spay and Neuter Your Dogs!; Crime Victim's Funeral Plight 03/05/2019
158 Smiley Face Vandalism Fuels 13-Year Feud! 03/06/2019
159 High on Meth Home Invasion?!; Music Collaboration Battle! 03/07/2019
160 Foster Cat Fail!; 40th High School Reunion Disaster!; Stolen Child Support?! 03/08/2019
161 Cat Abandonment?!; Drugged and Beaten by Tijuana Police?!; Cyclist Slammed by Open Car Door! 03/11/2019
162 Volatile Mother/Daughter Feud!; Artist Van Rental Stupidity?! 03/13/2019
163 Roommate Meets Jail Cell!; Pushing, Shoving and Bleeding?! 03/15/2019
164 Stop Laughing! Your Dog Is Dead!; Man Jumps on One Foot for the Judge! 03/18/2019
165 He'll Never Find Me in Egypt!; Oh No! Judge Judy's Making a Call! 03/19/2019
166 Extreme Bullying and Life-Threatening Texts?! 04/01/2019
167 Artist's Botched Gallery Attempt! 04/12/2019
168 Child Abandonment?; Beamer Trap! 04/22/2019
169 Pepper Spray Showdown in Atlanta!; Charge Party With the Company Credit Card?! 04/23/2019
170 Fractured Jaw at the Rodeo!; A Pit Bull Is a Stupid Dog to Have! 04/24/2019
171 Man's Fear of Large Dogs Comes Back to Bite Him!; Gas Explosion Anxiety! 04/24/2019
172 Child Support From Hell! 04/25/2019
173 Coon Cat Custody; Crash Sob Story! 04/25/2019
174 America Not So Great Again! 04/26/2019
175 I Won't Rat Out a Friend!; Bartender Blackmail? 04/26/2019
176 Vigilante Boutique Thief Caught on Tape?! 04/29/2019
177 Landlord's Legal Troubles 04/29/2019
178 Nervy Son Sues Mother for Being Late?!; Baby Daddy Blues 04/30/2019
179 Pit Bull's Eye Poked Out!; Outrageous Roommate! 04/30/2019
180 Slick Senior Picture Operation?! 05/01/2019
181 Woman Terrified by Ex-Friend?! (Part One) 05/01/2019
182 Therapy Pit Bull Vs. 8-Year-Old Child; Alabama Child Support Drama! 05/02/2019
183 The Terror Continues... Part Two!; DUI and Domestic Abuse?! 05/02/2019
184 Babblers Are Usually Liars!; Battle Over the Bronze Lions! 05/03/2019
185 Account Missing $30K?!; The Party That Was Never Planned! 05/03/2019
186 Manhunt for Criminal at Large!; Married Teen Victim of Odometer Fraud 05/06/2019
187 Man Brings Wife and Girlfriend to Court?!; If You're Psychotic and You Know It, Clap Your Hands! 05/06/2019
188 Who Robbed Who?!; Child Visitation Fight; Surprise! I Left You No Money! 05/07/2019
189 Don't Mess with the Corvette!; Truck Facelift! 05/07/2019
190 Teen Sued by Mom for Pitching a Fit!; Ex-Lover Steals Shotgun and Gold Bars?! 05/08/2019
191 Scissor Hand Assault?! 05/08/2019
192 Golf Cart Collision!; Marriage on Drugs?!; Pregnant Dog Attack! 05/09/2019
193 Six Dachshunds Wreak Havoc?!; Egged House Payback! 05/09/2019
194 Judge's Biggest Fan Professes Love for Her! 05/10/2019
195 Permanently Disabled Entrepreneur!; Fiancée Father Fight!; Bingo Charity for Children! 05/10/2019
196 $25 a Week Doesn't Feed a Gerbil!; Polyamorous Relationship Fail 05/13/2019
197 Child Slapped for Wetting Bed?! 05/13/2019
198 Car Full of Children Headed Into Pond!; Fishing for Friends on a Dating App 05/14/2019
199 Dramatic Cyclist Meets Drunk Peddler?!; Where There's Smoke... There's More Smoke! 05/14/2019
200 Petri Dish for Scammers?!; Pit Bull Rescue Wreaks Havoc... of Course! 05/15/2019
201 You'll Get Dizzy From All the Lying!; Clueless Mechanic or Clever Thief?! 05/15/2019
202 When Exotic Cats Attack?!; Off to the Races! 05/16/2019
203 My Yard Is Not Your Pet's Bathroom!; Speeding Away With Identity Theft?! 05/16/2019
204 Bleachtastic Break-Up!; Auburn Football Lights It Up?! 05/17/2019
205 Girlfriend Vandal Hacks Into Lover's Phone?!; South African Carpet Theft?! 05/17/2019
206 Coin-Throwing Road Rage Stunt! 05/20/2019
207 Family Business Bust!; Property Thrown Down Snow Bank?! 05/20/2019
208 Don't Mix Business With Pleasure!; Identity Theft Between Cousins?! 05/21/2019
209 Malicious Forest Fire Eviction?!; I Didn't Become a Judge to Retrieve Your Toothbrush! 05/21/2019
210 Dance Business Fair?!; Judge Judy Vents About Child Abuse! 05/22/2019
211 Fear of Miscarriage Doesn't Stop Dog Lover!; Soul Food Sister Shuffle! 05/22/2019
212 Children Trapped in a Skirmish?!; Collision He Said, She Said! 05/27/2019
213 Don't Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining! 05/28/2019
214 Ice Cream Parlor Owner Not so Sweet?! 05/30/2019
215 Blind Chef Scammed by Employer?!; All Aboard Excuse Central! 06/03/2019
216 Siblings' Nasty Text Battle!; Learn How to Pack a Box! 06/04/2019
217 Horse Killed While Fleeing Hungry Bear?!; Bad Barter Deal!; Empty Pockets in Australia 06/05/2019
218 Endangered Children and Rescue Dogs?!; Apprentice Plumber Bailout! 06/06/2019
219 The $18,000 Signature!; Teen Test Drive Disaster! 06/10/2019
220 Stuck Truck Rage!; Restaurant Money Pit! 06/11/2019
221 Neighbor Resorts to Stockade Privacy Protection!; Say Sorry to Your Grandmother! 06/12/2019
222 Gimme Half of What's in Your Pocket!; Snowy Road Sideswipe! 06/13/2019
223 Classic Mercedes Mayhem!; Catfight Over Cheap Wine! 06/14/2019
224 Landlord Dodges a Bullet!; Intersection Pile-Up! 06/14/2019
225 Remodel Slander?!; Privacy Invasion?! 06/17/2019
226 Deceased Father Fraud?!; Mutilated Privacy Hedge?! 06/18/2019
227 Teen Stupidity Causes Bodily Injury!; The Bee's Knees; Black Friday BB Gun Deal! 06/19/2019
228 This Is Not Let's Make a Deal!; Deadbeat Ex-Mother-in-Law?! 06/20/2019
229 Toxic Paint Job?!; Man Fears for Safety After BB Shootout?! 06/21/2019
230 Wailing from Disabled Ignites Dog to Attack?!; I Didn’t Go to Law School for $38 in Dirt! 06/24/2019
231 $10,000 Doggy Daycare Bill!; Damaged Memorabilia 06/26/2019
232 Racing Motorcyle Rip-Off?! 06/27/2019
233 The Weaponization of Child Protective Services?!; Tax Fraud Conspiracy?! 07/01/2019
234 Bakersfield Boyfriend Trouble!; Double Lane-Change for a Donut?! 07/02/2019
235 Child Suffers 50 Stitches!; Mother/Daughter Savings Plan Fail!; Adult Male vs. Judge Judy's Grandchildren! 07/04/2019
236 Daycare Drama; Husky Attacks Tiny Dog; Mechanic Demands Payback! 07/05/2019
237 Baby Daddy Disrupts Lesbian Affair?!; Good Sister, Bad Sister! 07/09/2019
238 Border Collie Loses Ear in Attack!; 15K Investment in Not-So-Handy Boyfriend?! 07/10/2019
239 Sublease Nosedive!; Pick-Up Fraud?! 07/11/2019
240 Cute Service Dogs in the House!; Fight Aftermath! 07/12/2019
241 Hennessey-Fueled Catfight!; Homeless Man Home Invasion?! 07/17/2019
242 Outrageous Peeping Tom Allegations!; RV Flipping Fiasco! 07/18/2019
243 You're Young and Mumbling, I'm Old and Deaf!; Bedbugs, Rats and Parties?! 07/19/2019
244 Reign of Homeless Terror?! 08/26/2019
245 Intimate and Incarcerated?; Daughter Sideswipe? Mother Money Gripe! 08/26/2019
246 Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear?!; Teen Cheating Ruins Aruba Vacay?! 08/27/2019
247 Supermodel Reality Check; Paid in Cigs and Soda?! 08/27/2019
248 Valentine's Day Curse!; Child Slapping and Cat Cutting?! 08/28/2019
249 Labrador Takes Bite Out of Terrier!; Another One Bytes the Dust! 08/29/2019
250 Insulin Emergency!; Traded Then Stolen! 08/29/2019
251 Lesbian Choking Catfight!; Retaliatory Mood Swing?! 08/30/2019
252 College Graduation Turmoil!; Walking on Eggshells?! 08/30/2019
253 Nine-Year-Old Vandal and Liar?!; Vacuum Demo Disaster! 09/03/2019
254 Teens Trash Ski Chalet?!; Car Flipping Fail! 09/03/2019
255 Mean Girls' Vicious Beatdown! 09/04/2019
256 Bed and Breakfast Fraud?!; 10K Custody Battle Loss! 09/04/2019
257 $137,000 Fire Insurance Windfall?! 09/05/2019
258 If It's Too Good to Be True... RUN!; Termination Blues! 09/05/2019
259 Don't You Ever Watch This Show?!; Ill-Prepared Baby Daddy! 09/06/2019
260 Your Mother Would Roll Over in Her Grave!; The Cat That Could Have Killed Me!; Imprisoned Mom Sues Daughter! 09/06/2019


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