# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Inheritance Riddled With Debt!; Fool Falls for Nigerian Stranger Scam! 09/09/2019
2 You Can Have Him... Keyed on Car!; Baby Daddy Tire Flattener?! 09/09/2019
3 Kitten Mauled by Husky?!; Dream Car Is Friend's Nightmare! 09/10/2019
4 Housekeeper Cleans Woman Out?! 09/10/2019
5 People Who Own Pit Bulls Are Crazy and Stupid! 09/11/2019
6 Your Personal Pain Means Nothing! 09/11/2019
7 Don't Get Involved With Your Son's Coach!; Diamond Heist?! 09/12/2019
8 Disabled Man Cheats the System?!; Mini-Mall Mayhem! 09/12/2019
9 Service Dog Scammer?; The Court Can't Help With Canoodling! 09/13/2019
10 Shady Dog Thief?!; Niece and Nephew Bailout! 09/13/2019
11 Good Luck Molesting People?!; Collateral Damage! 09/16/2019
12 Controversial Judge Judy Decision; Housekeeper Steals Customers?! 09/16/2019
13 Divorcees Still Supporting Adult Son!; Labrador Chews Up Pomeranian?! 09/17/2019
14 Are You Trying to Make Me Dislike You?!; Did You Think You Were Coming to the Circus?! 09/17/2019
15 I Live to Pay Your Vet Bills!; Park City Party Problem! 09/18/2019
16 First Date Kidnapping; Co-signing Drug Catastrophe! 09/18/2019
17 Watch This Case If You Have Children!; Liar, Thief and a Cheat?! 09/19/2019
18 Man Shaken up by Nephew's Murder; Worst Cast Car Scenario! 09/19/2019
19 Paving the Way to Unemployment?!; The Magically Disappearing Dilapidated Car! 09/20/2019
20 Three Words No Man Can Say!; Adorable Little Girl Confesses! 09/20/2019
21 Beware of Narcissistic Fools! 09/23/2019
22 Judge Kicks Man Out of His Own Home!; Tree Huggin' Father/Daughter Duo?! 09/24/2019
23 Call CPS if You Suspect Abuse!; Stiffed on $30K Rent to Own?! 09/25/2019
24 That's What Mothers Do!; 8K Snatched From Model Child's Bank Account! 09/26/2019
25 Woman in Wheelchair Struck by Car!; Judge Judy Doesn't Believe the Case! 09/27/2019
26 Pomeranian Puppy Mill?! 09/30/2019
27 Mystery Tire Slasher; My In-Laws Stole My Dog! 10/01/2019
28 Don't Drink Water Now! I'm Speaking!; Follow the Money! 10/02/2019
29 Teenager Suffers Miscarriage; Teen Cyclist Slams Car?! 10/03/2019
30 Woman Subjected to Lie Detector Test!; Hot Mess Sleepover! 10/04/2019
31 Mother Abandons Children for 6 Months?!; Real Estate Fail!; Cost to Change Your Mind?: $1,500! 10/07/2019
32 Holistic Doctor Taken to the Cleaners!; Carnival Daughter Sued by Mom 10/08/2019
33 Alcohol-Induced Car Battle?!; Tragedy of Grandmother's Death 10/09/2019
34 Blind and Discriminated Against?!; Wedding Dress Payback! 10/10/2019
35 Swindled While in Prison?!; Junk Food Junkie?! 10/11/2019
36 Elder Abuse and Kidnapping?! 10/14/2019
37 I Wouldn't Let You Take Care of a Goldfish!; The Gift of a Hair Cut and Bed Bugs?! 10/15/2019
38 Mother's Day Drug Use?!; Fight Over Funeral! 10/16/2019
39 Irreplaceable Violin Victim!; Ex-In-Laws' Exit!; Dog in a Tutu! 10/17/2019
40 Oil Doesn't Go There!; Lesbian Love Gone Wrong; Incarcerated Son's Loan Loss! 10/18/2019
41 S24E41 10/21/2019
42 S24E42 10/22/2019
43 S24E43 10/23/2019
44 S24E44 10/24/2019
45 S24E45 10/25/2019


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