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  • S00E01 Intermission

    • April 3, 2009
    • 25 minutes
    Keita narrates a recap of events spanning from the 1st to 12th episode. He explains the changes in his life that he's endured since meeting Kuro and getting mixed up with the Tera Guardians and the Shishigami clan's plans to rebuild the world as Reishin saw fit for his own personal utopia.
  • S00E02 The Tigress and the Wing

    • December 22, 2009
    • 25 minutes
    Half a year after the battle in Okinawa, Excel was looking for a new Motosumitama to revenge on Reishin. Excel met Mikami and decided to contract with her. Before making the contract, Excel looked back the encounter with Steiner.


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