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Every Picture Tells a Story

Roger and Eleanor are visiting Roger's old childhood friend Charlie Dorland, a famed painter, and his wife Nicole. Suddenly, Charlie suffers a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Suzanne is in seventh heaven with her new boyfriend Jason Brody. Another couple is also very much in love: Evan and Sarah. They make love at the practice in nearly all the offices, but later they are unable to retrieve some of their personal items. Oh uh! What if anyone finds out? Sarah and Evan try to act very casual but they try a bit too hard. Besides, the others find it weird that they keep searching through all the furniture. Suzanne introduces Jason to Leanne. Later, Jason approaches Leanne after learning she often uses untraditional ways to cure patients. He wonders if she can help him cure Hepatitis C. Leanne is surprised to learn of Jason's condition and appalled when Jason says that Suzanne doesn't know. Roger tells Charlie that they've found much Cadmium in his blood. Charlie uses Cadmium in his

Name Type Role
Kimberly Costello Writer
Alex Graves Director