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Eat Flaming Death

The first ever peace conference to be broadcast on the net is taking place at Fort Hope in America. Level 9 think that the opportunity for cyber terrorism will be too big to miss and that someone will hack into the live broadcast and send out their own messages/signals or cause some kind of crash. Their main suspect is a hacker called Moby J, who is known to have a grudge against the military, who are hosting the conference. To add to Level 9's problems they also have to deal with a General who dismisses them as a 'flavour of the month' and a female captain, who carries the codes for nuclear launches, who 'shot down' Tibbs when they both worked at the Whitehouse When contact is lost with a nuclear bunker everyone starts thinking that they may have more to deal with than just simple hacking mischief.

English français
Name Type Role
Carla Kettner Writer
Jo Bates Guest Star
Kimani Ray Smith Guest Star
Jim Byrnes Guest Star
David Neale Guest Star
Derek Versteeg Guest Star
Chris Kelly Guest Star
Colleen Winton Guest Star
Linda Darlow Guest Star
Appollonia Vanova Guest Star
Dalias Blake Guest Star
Ken Roberts Guest Star
Andrew Kavadas Guest Star
Garfield Wilson Guest Star
Anthony Harrison Guest Star
Norberto Barba Director