Porky Pig is on a radio game show called "Truth or AAAAHHH!!", hosted by Daffy Duck and sponsored by Eagle Hand Laundry, in which the object is to perform several impossible tasks or "pay the penalty". These penalties include Porky being crushed by the Rock of Gibraltar, rained upon by Niagara Falls, tied up and blown up with dynamite, severe pounding with a mallet, thrashing by a gorilla, threatened by a buzz saw, crushing by safes, and other forms of abuse. In the end, however, Porky wins 26 million dollars and 3 cents which he uses to buy the radio show (costing exactly $26,000,000.03!) and then submits Daffy to the same penalties that he had received earlier. Daffy is then tied to a special sawing machine. There's an iris out as Daffy screams, "Have you got a doctor in the balcony, lady?!"

  • Episode Number 21
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, September 2, 1950
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