Marc Antony tries to scare off a cute little kitten, Pussyfoot, only to realize the cat is not scared of him, instead using him as a bed and resting on his back. The dog falls for the cat and decides to adopt it and to bring it home. Upon his arrival, his human owner (seen only from the waist down), tired of picking up his things, warns him not to bring a single thing more inside the house. Afraid of his mistress but unable to get rid of the kitten, the dog tries to hide the cat by pretending it is a wind-up toy or a powder puff. He barely finds the time to hide it in a flour bin before his mistress enters the kitchen. Terrified, he looks on as she takes some flour out of the box to bake some cookies. The cat is poured into the mixing bowl without the lady realizing it. Marc Antony unplugs the mixer before she can pulverize the poor kitten. Tired of the dog's antics, his mistress throws him out of the house while, unseen, the cat extracts itself from the bowl. In the backyard, the bulldog watches through a window as what he thinks is his kitten is mixed, rolled and cut before being put in the oven. Sobbing and heartbroken, he barely finds the strength to take the cat-shaped cookie his mistress gives to him and place it lovingly on his back where his kitten used to rest. Only then does he hear the little meow of Pussyfoot right in front to him. He kisses the cat as his mistress realises he has a pet. To the dog's surprise, she allows him to keep the cat as long as he takes care of it. Once again, Pussyfoot goes to sleep on Marc Anthony's back as the content dog smiles.

  • Episode Number 3
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, February 2, 1952
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