Lost Treasures of NFL Films

Since 1962, Steve Sabol has been an employee of NFL Films as a cameraman, an editor, a producer, and now its president. It made him think he knew everything NFL Films had ever shot, but co-worker Phil Tuckett's discovery of an unused film negative, led to the creation of this series. Two years of searching the film vaults has turned up thousands of feet of unseen film footage. Steve Sabol, the host of Lost Treasures of NFL Films, foolishly thought he could produce one 60-minute documentary covering the whole history of NFL Films. In fact, enough material was unearthed to cover five programs, all on the 1960s. And it just expanded from there. In addition to the five-part reflection of NFL Films' beginnings in the 1960s, Lost Treasures of NFL Films unearthed footage of minor-league football, TV football analysts, training camps, and much more. The result totaled 22 episodes spanning four decades, airing on ESPN

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  • First Aired 1999-09-01
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