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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Final Dreamer
2 Return to Vash Naroom
3 Kybar's Teeth
4 Fire and Ice
5 Blight
6 Enemy In The Sand
7 First Geyser
8 Arena Night
9 The Shadow You Know
10 Cloud Cover
11 The Depths of Courage
12 Fiery Betrayal
13 Eyes of Agram
14 The Precious Haz-Mai
15 The Forum of Elders
16 Magi Undercover
17 Frozen Fortress
18 The Secret Chamber
19 Beware of the Realm Raiders
20 Earth to Tony
21 The Preserver
22 Brave New Realm
23 Voyage to the Dream Plane
24 The Ultimate Dream Creature
25 Fate of the Moonlands
26 Day of Destiny


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