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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 The Final Hyren
2 Flames of Glory
3 To See Through Sand
4 Eye of the Storm
5 Inside the Dark Heart
6 Hunt for the Hunter
7 Peak Performance
8 The Abysmal Truth
9 Night Crawlers
10 Gorath's Shadow
11 Welcome Home Strag, Part 1
12 Welcome Home Strag, Part 2
13 Bad to the Core
14 Tangle in the Jungle
15 Showdown in Vash Naroom
16 Medieval Magi
17 Tomb of the Relic Forger
18 Hyren of a Thousand Faces
19 Curse of the Realm Raiders
20 Grudge Match
21 Fear the Gear
22 Lights, Camera, Magi
23 Realms Honor
24 Sons of the Underneath
25 Allegiance Lost
26 Dreamer's Last Stand


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Wide Banners

Legacy banners that use less vertical space. Each is 758x140.

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