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The Gold Belt (सोने का कमरबंद)

The Gold Belt is a story, which revolves around the evil system of dowry. After years of searching, Sambasivan finds a groom for his daughter who is right in all aspects. Moreover their horoscopes are a perfect match too. The wedding is fixed and grand celebration takes place and people are busy making last minute preparations. Everything seems to be going fine, and the auspicious moment nears, but there is no sign of the groom or his parents. A worried Sambasivan goes to invite them, but something terrible awaits him. The groom’s relatives refuse to attend the wedding unless a gold belt is also given to the bride as part of the wedding dowry. Sambasivan who has already spent all his life savings and has even taken a loan for the wedding is heartbroken. Sastri, a close friend of Sambasivan, comes to the rescue and rushes out to buy a gold belt. The wedding goes off smoothly and the groom’s family leaves along with the bride. Now Sambasivan is worried about how to pay for the gold belt. But good news awaits him. Sambasivan’s daughter proves to be smart: she has made her new husband agree to pay for the gold belt without the knowledge of his parents. They all conclude that they really have a smart daughter and they are happy!