Marina is a young, beautiful girl, neglected by her rich father who loses her mother and her house. Her uncle, who was madly in love with her mother and always took care of Marina from afar, promises her mother on her death bed that he will watch over Marina. When Marina moves to her uncle's mansion, she meets her future husband Ricardo, who currently is unhappily married to Adriana. Adriana is having an affair with many men, including Ricardo's best friend, Julio. She hates Marina because she notices that her husband is falling in love with her. Julio and Adriana plot to kill Marina, but all attempts fail; instead Julio is thought to be dead after he is caught kidnapping Marina and then throws himself off a cliff. Adriana is then asked to leave the mansion by Marina's uncle. Instead she tries to kill Ricardo, but when that fails, she runs out of the house and is killed in a horrible car accident. Before she dies, she confesses to Ricardo about all of the affairs she had and admits that the baby she was expecting was Julio's and not his. This news leaves Ricardo very insecure. Later Ricardo and Marina marry. Two months later, Marina and Ricardo return from their honeymoon. Ricardo then leaves her because he thinks she is unfaithful, which in reality is a scheme his mother devised. She becomes pregnant during their honeymoon but when she leaves her house to attend her baby shower, Julio returns and scares her. She is taken by a woman to a charity hospital and gives birth. She is in a state of shock and when she is released from the hospital she feels lost and confused. Her baby is taken by Julio, who is wearing a mask, to a dumpster where a woman finds the baby and takes him home. Ricardo soon finds out the pictures were fake and takes Marina back, despite her instability. Ricardo tries to give Marina an adopted baby girl; at first she refuses, thinking of her son, but at last accepts her to make her husband happy. As the time passes Mariana still thinks about her son, but everyone believes her son died. Ricardo, is starting to get tired of Marina's depression and he is starting to seek affection in Sara. Sara is the maid at Mariana's uncle's mansion. Sara and Ricardo then have an affair. Ricardo's daughter then spots them kissing and tells Mariana. Then Ricardo's mother sees them, and then Mariana does as well. Ricardo and Mariana solve their problems and stay together. Years later, Sara and Julio fall in love themselves. They get Mariana and Ricardo's long lost child to rob the mansion but then Marina's intuition tells her that the boy is her son. She rushes to her son's "mom" and finds out that the boy is indeed her son. Ricardo's mother thinks that Marina is cheating on Ricardo with their son and it leads to a divorce between Ricardo and Marina. After a lot of difficulty, Ricardo finally believes that Chuy is his son. However Marina does not return to him. After many unfortunate events, Marina ends up in jail. Patty gets sick and is rushed off to Houston by her biological mother and eventually she gets better. Her biological mother refuses to let her return to Acapulco as she is afraid she will lose Patty, but finally she returns to Acapulco.

English Español Français
  • Series ID 281917
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2006-10-16
  • Network Telemundo
  • Runtime 45
  • Genres Drama, Romance, Soap
  • Airs 20:00 on Daily
  • Rating TV-PG
  • IMDB tt0928097
  • Schedules Direct
  • Last Updated By pgranado
  • Last Updated 05/04/2019 4:55am


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