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Season 1

  • S01E00 Unknown

  • S01E00 Unknown

  • S01E01 Episode One

    • November 12, 2012

    Tough, uncompromising trucking boss Jon Kelly is a man on a mission; to be the best of the best at what he does, to push the boundaries in the heavy haulage industry he loves so much … and for his trucks to look damn good doing it. Having lost a few men recently, Jon finds himself with too much work and not enough drivers. First, to make a delivery for a brand new client, he’s forced to re-hire a young-gun who he fired six-months ago for not turning up for work. Then a valuable existing client needs a one-hundred and fifteen ton bulldozer digging coal 850km away in less than 48-hours. The only solution is for the boss to roll his sleeves up, get back in the saddle and make the delivery himself.

  • S01E02 Episode Two

    • November 19, 2012

    Jon and the team tackle the first piece of a 2,000-ton TUNNEL BORING MACHINE, the 181-ton MAIN BEARING. With 7-hours to travel 68 kilometers it sounds easy, but not when they’re facing bridges that are as low as their load is high – and they need to try to cross the Brisbane River bridge on the wrong side of the motorway. Meanwhile two new drivers, Kiwis Wayne and Boof, are attempting to prove themselves on Jon’s MegaTrucker testing ground, a 700km contract hauling COAL WAGONS between Brisbane and Rockhampton. But, when faced with an unprecedented amount of road-works, will they be tempted to put their foot down, breaching Jon Kelly’s strict rules on speeding and jeopardizing their chances of becoming fully-fledged MegaTruckers?

  • S01E03 Episode Three

    • November 26, 2012

    When Jon gives young gun driver Ryan and veteran driver Brad the task of hauling two LOCOMOTIVES 4,500 kilometres to Perth it turns into the journey from hell for the two MegaTruckers. A problematic trailer causes costly time delays and burns through thousands of dollars of tyres and then Brad’s truck BANDIT 1 breaks down in the middle of the outback. Can they deliver their cargo on time and in one piece? Meanwhile, boss Jon finds himself with too much work and not enough trucks, but rather than spend the cash on a brand new truck he decides to set the men who pimp all of his prime movers an almost impossible task – a full refurb on a beat-up old 1987 Mack V8 Valueliner, the same truck he first started MegaTrucking in, with a budget of only $70,000. He then piles on the pressure even more, by revealing that he is dedicating the truck to his late grandfather, legendary Queensland trucker Frank ‘Smiler’ Nylon.

  • S01E04 Episode Four

    • December 3, 2012

    Kiwi driver Wayne gets a promotion and is sent on a 700km trip hauling a giant 300 tonne excavator to a mine in northern Queensland. The load is so heavy it needs to be shifted in a convoy of four trucks, but an argument between Wayne and lead driver Keith gets the job off to a bad start before they’ve even left the yard. Meanwhile, boss Jon still finds himself with too much work and too few trucks and is forced to dust off THE GOLD-DIGGER, one of his prized show-trucks, to make a delivery. But with no heavy haulage kilometers under its belt in almost 20 years, can it deliver its load problem-free?

  • S01E05 Episode Five

    • December 10, 2012

    With an excavator to move 3800km from the Port of Melbourne to Darwin, Jon gives the job to young gun driver Ryan. Despite having recently been married, the 24 year-old takes the move on with gusto, but he quickly opens up about how life on the road can take its toll with loved ones. He reveals he’s hoping to meet up with his dad – also a truck driver – in the Northern Territory but when complications at a weight station leave him grounded it looks like the reunion is off. Back in Brisbane, head driver Dave is moving one of the final pieces of the massive 2,000-ton Tunnel Boring Machine he’s been put in charge of. But when boss Jon turns up to the move unannounced it puts his nose out of joint. A renowned control-freak, can the boss keep the veteran onside by letting him oversee the job and keeping his mouth shut?

  • S01E06 Episode Six

    • December 17, 2012

    It’s a potentially game-changing week for heavy haulage boss Jon Kelly. When he takes on a last-minute move as a favour to a rival company run by an ex-employee an easy-money move turns into a potentially disastrous operation that could do more harm to the MegaTruckers than good. And there’s a $97 million contract up for grabs that will keep Jon’s trucks, trailers and drivers busy for the next 3-years – but only if HHA can achieve an elusive ‘TIER-1’ safety rating in an audit conducted at the depot by the prospective clients. Safety Consultant Jacqui finds herself under pressure as she single-handedly attempts to get the HHA team to step into line, get the depot ship-shape and pass the safety audit with flying colours.

  • S01E07 Episode Seven

    • December 24, 2012

    Having won the $100million contract of a lifetime it’s now time for Jon Kelly to deliver the goods. The first shipment of Gas Compression Units for the new 3-year mega-contract is being unloaded at Brisbane Wharf and must be hauled to Jon’s storage facility 25 kilometres away. The problem is Jon’s wife Joanne is booked-in to give birth to their second son and HHA are loading a CATERPILLAR 993 LOADER to shift it from Brisbane to Darwin for a brand new client. In typical fashion Jon plans to be there for all three, but when things don’t quite go according to Jon’s plan his man-management style pushes one of his ‘A-Team’ drivers to breaking point, leaving team morale at an all-time low.

  • S01E08 Episode Eight

    • December 31, 2012

    It’s the series finale and the MegaTruckers are taking on the biggest job of their careers. It’s the second move in the 3-year, $100million Gas gathering facility contract - and it just also happens to be the biggest heavy haulage move ever attempted on the east coast of Australia. 14 ‘PRE-ASSEMBLED UNITS’ – P.A.Us – must be shipped 35km from Brisbane Wharf to Jon’s holding facility over only 5 nights, and with the new client still watching their every move it’s critical that it all goes off without a problem. The MegaTruckers will need their best men on the job – and when Driver Freddo makes a surprise re-appearance all looks like going according to plan … until boss Jon’s notoriously bad man-management skills strike again, threatening the entire move.

  • S01E09 Episode 9

    • January 7, 2013

    Jon shows his best vehicles at a truck show, and Ryan and Mark run into multiple problems while trying to deliver two locomotives to Tasmania.

  • S01E10 Episode 10

    • January 14, 2013

    Jon is tasked with moving a 192-ton pressure vessel from Coffs Harbour to Brisbane.