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Season 1

  • S01E01 The First Killings

    • May 26, 2001
    • BBC One

    DCI Red Metcalfe investigates a brutal series of murders. Each death, vile in execution, is different from the last, but the murderer leaves an unmistakable calling card, cutting out the victim's tongue and replacing it with a silver spoon.

  • S01E02 The Final Reckoning

    • May 27, 2001
    • BBC One

    As the killings continue, a pattern emerges: each victim shares his name and occupation and type of death with one of the twelve disciples. DCI Red Metcalfe and his team try to catch the killer before he can complete his grisly quest.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Vengeance Is Mine (1)

    • August 24, 2002
    • BBC One

    A man is buried alive, left in the dark for hours, struggling for air. The killer has deliberately prolonged the victim's agony. With this first killing, Red Metcalfe is plunged into unravelling the psyche of a serial killer with vengeance in mind.

  • S02E02 Vengeance Is Mine (2)

    • August 25, 2002
    • BBC One

    As the guilty and the innocent are slaughtered without mercy, uncomfortable truths come home to roost for the officers in Red's team. He must sift the lies from the untruths whilst the killer metes out a terrible kind of justice.

Season 3

  • S03E01 The Promise (1)

    • August 30, 2004
    • BBC One

    When a prison riot erupts into violence, Red ends up face to face with the ring leader, a man who once held him hostage and nearly drove him mad. Injured prisoners are moved to a crumbling, overstretched hospital. But a killer is amongst them, preying on their weaknesses. As the vicious murders spiral out of control, can Red and his team put aside their own emotional torment and find a method in his madness

  • S03E02 The Promise (2)

    • August 31, 2004
    • BBC One

    The killer is still on the loose and Red's investigation is in crisis. The London hospital is no longer a place of safety; it has become a graveyard of pain. The killer seems to be taunting Red. Kate is plagued by horrific images she doesn't understand, as one by one the chief suspects are found dead. In a terrifying conclusion, Red sets himself up as the killer's final victim.

Season 4

  • S04E01 The Harrowing (1)

    • August 28, 2005
    • BBC One

    Locked in a car, abandoned on a massive rubbish dump and left to die in terrible circumstances, 20-year-old student Catherine McArdle's fate foreshadows an epic trail of death leading DCI Red Metcalfe through the darkest recesses of this serial killer's mind.Red Metcalfe and Duncan Warren are joined by DS Vickie Clarke and pathologist Rachel Price in a race to get ahead of a killer whose motives and methods seem beyond understanding.

  • S04E02 The Harrowing (2)

    • August 29, 2005
    • BBC One

    A young student stung to death by bees, a dying woman overdosed on morphine, two female lovers hooked together like meat. As the terror mounts, Red Metcalfe and his team race to get ahead of a killer whose motives seem beyond reason.

  • S04E03 The Harrowing (3)

    • August 30, 2005
    • BBC One

    Red's sanity is stretched to the limit as Professor Robb helps him understand what lies behind the appalling suffering the killer is inflicting on the victims.

Season 5

  • S05E01 The Rapture (1)

    • January 20, 2008
    • BBC One

    Joseph Walker is haunted by a past of violence, passion and betrayal, which threatens his ability to hunt down a killer with a terrifying message for the world. But are Joseph and his new squad just tracking a criminal or are they themselves part of The Plan? Their lives are complex, messy and connected by an illicit love affair that involves CPS lawyer, Sarah Templar. Are they being judged by the killer, or are they just judging each other?

  • S05E02 The Rapture (2)

    • January 21, 2008
    • BBC One

    Joseph Walker has now deciphered the killer's crazy message. But Joseph is becoming more deeply embroiled in a past which seems to resonate with the killer's terrifying mission. Mel gets in deep with Joseph's main suspect, as Terry is forced to lie to the woman he secretly loves. Meanwhile, The Rapture approaches.