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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Kindergarten Bus of Death 02/02/1992
2 Rupture City SOS!
3 Shadow of Red Spade
4 Organism Weapon Girl
5 Space of One Person
6 Track/Truck Mother
7 Hayato Designation Arrangement!
8 Spade Last Maneuvers
9 Dangerous Family
10 Hayato's Longest Day
11 Super-High-Speed Robot of Flame
12 The Robot Front of Mach
13 Underworld Fist of Withdrawal!
14 The Return of the Distant Father
15 Front Abbreviation Gold and Silver Son
16 Love of Absolute Decease
17 Rescue Cinderella
18 My Father, the Lying Policeman
19 The Intruder Who Tears Light
20 The Boundless Friendship
21 I Am Saiko (part one)
22 I Am Saiko (part two)
23 Seductive Danger
24 Straying of the Lazy Scar
25 Take off, Super Machine!
26 Sprint To Tomorrow!
27 Ken's Love Story
28 Again, Warrior of Light!
29 Good-bye, Warrior of Light
30 Escort Maneuvers
31 Time Travel Rescue
32 Kōsaku's Stubborn Father
33 Completion! Battle Dress - Apocalypse of Flame (part one)
34 The Contract Which Sells Life - Apocalypse of Flame (part two)
35 The Invisible Giant
36 The Captain Betrayed!?
37 Blast Running Road of Vengeance
38 One Even Number Before the Dud and the Exit
39 Fly! White Sphere of Oath
40 Death Bomb Punishment Games
41 Confrontation - Two Ken
42 Special Police Commanded to Impose House Arrest
43 God, Demon and Revelations
44 Christmas Eve of the Final Fight
45 Death's Snipe Order!
46 The Beauty Who Raises the Beast
47 Masaki Returns!
48 Decisive Battle! Last Judgment
49 Good-bye, Rescue Police 01/24/1993


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