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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Insect Warriors!! 02/05/1995
2 The Dancing Human Hunt!! 02/12/1995
3 They Appeared, the Insect Mecha!! 02/19/1995
4 Super Machine Great Riot
5 Juukou Jack!!
6 Listen to the Forest's Cry
7 The Mysterious Violent Photographer!!
8 Please!! Evil Jewel
9 The Tabby-Cat Recovery Operation
10 A Violent Fight!! The Dragon Swordsman
11 The Great Reckless Run of the Angry Robo
12 Stealing Motivation!!
13 The Juukou Base Endangered!
14 The Maze of Deadly Hell
15 The Idol who Flew
16 The Flaming Super-dimensional Girl
17 Death Fight!! The Combined Monster
18 The Great Leader Dies!!
19 Birth of the New Warrior of Darkness
20 Crash!! The Black Terror
21 Atrocious Insect Tag
22 First Experience as a Heroine
23 A Bouquet for a Monster...
24 Enter the Giant Beetle
25 The Beautiful Runaway!!
26 Crabs and Swimsuits and Dad
27 Revive the Bad-Haircutting Soul
28 The Pure-hearted Ghost of Summer
29 Great Crash of the Rivals
30 The 13 Monsters Great Combat Meet
31 A Dangerous Young Lady
32 Loving Pickles!!
33 The Delinquent Girl of Justice
34 A Scaaary Pet
35 Thank you, Kabuto-kun
36 Look the Juukou Super Evolution
37 Don't Swindle us, Bodyguard
38 Professor!! The Juukou of Love
39 The B-Fighter Boy's Adventure
40 A New Chapter: The Butterfly of Life
41 My Older Brother is Buff
42 The Spiteful Bear's B-Fighter Hunt
43 I Saw It!! Black's Unadorned Face
44 The Butterfly of Life Appears!!
45 A Christmas Eve Memory
46 Despair!! Juukou Impossible
47 Revival to Victory!!
48 The Immortal Combination Rushing Head
49 The Spider Woman's Unfeeling Flame
50 Rush!! Final Battle in the Fortress
51 The Period of Light and Shadow
52 Assemble!! The 3 Great Heroes
53 Flap Your Wings!! Heroes 01/25/1996


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