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Season 7

When available, episode names will be translated into your preferred language. Otherwise they will be shown using the series' origin language.
Name First Aired Runtime Image
S07E01 Jiraiya vs. The Sorcerers Clan January 24, 1988 25
S07E02 Castle Ninja Baron Owl January 31, 1988 25
S07E03 Jail Ninja Haburamu's Treasure!! February 7, 1988 25
S07E04 Break! The Magic of Fire Ninja Chang Kung Fu February 14, 1988 25
S07E05 Stolen Optical-magnetized Light Vacuum Sword!! February 21, 1988 25
S07E06 Mystery of Mystery is a Riddle?! February 28, 1988 25
S07E07 Jungle Hunter Beast Ninja Makumba March 6, 1988 25
S07E08 Murder After the Date March 13, 1988 25
S07E09 Trembling Trap Pako Strategy March 20, 1988 25
S07E10 Life? Death? Spiritual Ninja Arts' Panic March 27, 1988 25
S07E11 Angered Touha: Double Front Slash!! April 3, 1988 25
S07E12 The Folded Paper Pendant is the Pledge of Love April 10, 1988 25
S07E13 Feast Ninja vs. Seven Ninjas April 17, 1988 25
S07E14 Little Life's Burning Explosive Ninja Rocket Man April 24, 1988 25
S07E15 The Legend of the Cursed Witch May 1, 1988 25
S07E16 A Ninja Cyborg Cries in the Wind! Wind Ninja Mafuuba May 8, 1988 25
S07E17 Yumeha I: Demon Hidden in Lake Hamana! May 15, 1988 25
S07E18 Yumeha II: An Aura Burning in the Great Sand Hill May 22, 1988 25
S07E19 Invade the House of the Military God! May 29, 1988 25
S07E20 Hello! Lightning Ninja Wild is the Cheerful Gunman June 5, 1988 25
S07E21 Holy Ninja Alamsa: Throw the Shuriken of Hatred! 25
S07E22 Bloom! The Splendor of One Ninja Art 25
S07E23 Dokusai Fears?! Metallic Ninja Gamessh 25
S07E24 The Captain Pirate's Golden Coin 25
S07E25 There is no Pets! The Ramen Lady Great Hard Battle 25
S07E26 A Crisis! Kei and Emiha 25
S07E27 Touha's Enemy is Jiraiya 25
S07E28 Look Out, Togakure-ryu: Touha is Whose Son? 25
S07E29 Olympic Zero-Grade Young Ninja 25
S07E30 Ninja Art: Flower Lanttern! 25
S07E31 Nearly Found Takeda Shingen's Love Katana 25
S07E32 The Beach Kunoichi's Ninja Art Notebook 25
S07E33 The Guitar-Desiring Bird:Lightning Ninja Wild 25
S07E34 Gotten Out!! Sorcerers' Giant Beast Greatest Crisis 25
S07E35 Raised in the Sky Jiraishin!! 25
S07E36 Black Cat's Eye Shines in the Dark! Phantom Thief Devil Cats 25
S07E37 2300-Year Old Man Space Ninja Demost 25
S07E38 Outrageous!! Hundred-Faced Sorcerers Clan 25
S07E39 Poisonous Spider Explosion!! Good Luck? Bad Luck? 25
S07E40 Sadness' Jeanne 25
S07E41 Optical-Magnetized Light Vacuum Sword VS Dark Sword 25
S07E42 Goodbye! Illusion Mother-sama 25
S07E43 The Girl's Pray! Miraculous Ninja Strowver's 100,000 Volt Panic 25
S07E44 Jiraishin's Great Explosion!! Father and Daughter's Battlefield 25
S07E45 Jiraishin's Power! A Bridge of Love and Hope 25
S07E46 Black Rumor: Ninjas Running Towards Justice 25
S07E47 Manabu's First Love: Danger in Mount Kongo 25
S07E48 Finally Came Out!! Treasure of the Century Pako!! 25
S07E49 World Ninja! Great Assemble in Mount Kongo January 15, 1989 25
S07E50 The End of the Sorcerers Clan! Farewell, Pako and Jiraishin!! January 22, 1989 25