The second seasonal offering saw the return of recurring guest star Peter Cushing who still hadn't been paid (a joke that was to continue well into their Thames Television days); also starring was William Franklyn who, at the time, fronted an advertising campaign for Schweppes tonic water with his "Shhh, You Know Who..." tagline. Much comedy was drawn from this, especially in light of the fact that the BBC was forbidden to advertise products. He appears in one of the duo's legendary plays at the end of the show in which the Three Musketeers are parodied. Well-known actor Edward Woodward also sang The Way You Look Tonight rather than appearing within a sketch as he had done in previous appearances.

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  • Episode Number 2
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Friday, December 25, 1970
  • Production Code
  • Directors
  • Writers Eddie Braben
  • Guest Stars Peter Cushing, William Franklyn, Nina, Eric Porter, Edward Woodward, Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen, Ann Hamilton, Alan Curtis, Rex Rashley, George Day, John Higgins, Clinton Morris, Janet Webb
  • Is Movie
  • IMDB tt1179053
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