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Season 1

  • S01E01 Bookser's Honeymoon

    • September 17, 1965
    • NBC

    The Captain revokes shore leave after someone crushes a cigar in his beloved plant.

  • S01E02 Bookser

    • NBC

  • S01E03 Liberty

    • September 24, 1964
    • NBC

    The Captain sinks a washtub planted by Pulver, thinking it is a Japanese submarine.

  • S01E04 Physician, Heal Thyself

    • October 1, 1965
    • NBC

    Doc is depressed, so Roberts arranges for him to operate on Pulver.

  • S01E05 The Conspiracy

    • October 8, 1965
    • NBC

    Roberts is stunned to find that a beautiful woman is part of the cargo he is suppose to load on board.

  • S01E06 Old Rustysides

    • October 15, 1965
    • NBC

    A congressman plans to visit the ship after reading Pulver's letter detailing the crew's heroic exploits.

  • S01E07 Lover, Come Forward

    • October 22, 1965
    • NBC

    The Captain falls in love and is dismayed when the crew finds out.

  • S01E08 The Captain's Party

    • October 29, 1965
    • NBC

    Pulver pretends his girlfriend is royalty in order to explain why she is on board the ship.

  • S01E09 Happy Birthday, To Who?

    • November 5, 1965
    • NBC

    The crew is tired of seeing the same movie over and over, so they enlist Roberts to steal the musical hidden in the Captain's cabin.

  • S01E10 Love at 78 RPM

    • November 12, 1965
    • NBC

    When Roberts's transfer is denied, he takes his anger out on the rest of the crew.

  • S01E11 Don't Look Now... But Isn't That The War?

    • November 19, 1965
    • NBC

    Roberts orders new part for the ship which will allow it to join a convoy headed to combat.

  • S01E12 Which Way Did The War Go?

    • November 26, 1965
    • NBC

    A Japanese pilot helps the crew when they get stuck in the middle of the ocean.

  • S01E13 Getting There is Half the Fun

    • December 3, 1965
    • NBC

    The Captain asks for Roberts' help in creating a cover story to cover-up the fact that the crew screwed up a mission.

  • S01E14 Dear Mom

    • December 10, 1965
    • NBC

    Pulver asks his mother for help in getting Roberts transferred.

  • S01E15 The Reluctant Mutiny

    • December 17, 1965
    • NBC

    Roberts's transfer finally comes through, but the Captain plans to block it.

  • S01E16 Rock-a-Bye Reluctant

    • December 24, 1965
    • NBC

    The ship accidentally leaves port with a pregnant woman in the sickbay.

  • S01E17 Carry Me Back to Cocoa Island

    • December 31, 1965
    • NBC

    Pulver accidentally kills the Captain's beloved plant.

  • S01E18 The Replacement

    • January 7, 1966
    • NBC

    Roberts gets a transfer, but must stay when his replacement proves to be inept.

  • S01E19 Black and Blue Market

    • January 14, 1966
    • NBC

    Pulver gives medical supplies to a pretty lieutenant without permission.

  • S01E20 The World's Greatest Lover

    • January 21, 1966
    • NBC

    Pulver is tongue-tied around the woman he's infatuated with.

  • S01E21 Eight in Every Port

    • January 28, 1966
    • NBC

    When the Captain orders the locals off the ship, Roberts tries to make amends.

  • S01E22 The Super Chief

    • February 4, 1966
    • NBC

    The Captain grants the new chief warrant officer permission to search Roberts's and Pulver's cabin.

  • S01E23 The Doctor's Dilemma

    • February 11, 1966
    • NBC

    The Navy wishes to place an observation post on a remote island, and Doc must persuade the female owner of the island to allow it.

  • S01E24 The Relucant Draggin'

    • February 18, 1966
    • NBC

    Roberts arranges a boxing match between one of his crewman and the crewman of another ship.

  • S01E25 #*@% the Torpedoes!

    • February 25, 1966
    • NBC

    The ship must transfer three USO girls, and the Captain orders them to stay out of sight.

  • S01E26 A Turn for the Nurse

    • March 4, 1966
    • NBC

    The Captain needs his appendix removed, but refuses treatment since it means he will have to give up command.

  • S01E27 Son of Eight in Every Port

    • March 11, 1966
    • NBC

    The crew returns to the island of Namu to take a survival test.

  • S01E28 Unwelcome Aboard

    • March 18, 1966
    • NBC

    Nobody believes Roberts after he claims to see a woman on board the ship.

  • S01E29 Undercover Cook

    • March 25, 1966
    • NBC

    The new ship cook causes problems for the crew.

  • S01E30 In Love and War

    • April 1, 1966
    • NBC

    Both Roberts and Pulver try to win a role in a movie.

  • S01E31 Captain, My Captain

    • April 8, 1966
    • NBC

    A German spy who is a dead ringer for the Captain is planted on the ship.