While training for an off-road race in a South American, Team Fastex pays a visit to the scientific research station run by Libby Fassler — only to find that Libby has been kidnapped. When the Fastex drivers mount a search for her, they unexpectedly encounter the Rexcor Team, which has been sent into the rain forest by Garner Rexton to try to rescue Libby. Fastex and Rexcor join forces in an uneasy alliance until the kidnappers are located. But as the Fastex drivers use their cars to take on the kidnappers, they also find themselves fighting with the Rexcor drivers, who are determined to earn a reward from Garner by rescuing Libby themselves. After the kidnappers are defeated, Libby and Jack call Garner to thank him for his help — not knowing that it was Garner who hired the kidnappers in the first place, so that he could ""rescue"" Libby and be a hero in her eyes.

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  • Episode Number 9
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  • Originally Aired Saturday, April 1, 2000
  • Production Code 109
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