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Season 34



  • S34E01 Episode 7751

    • January 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E02 Episode 7752

    • January 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E03 Episode 7753

    • January 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E04 Episode 7754

    • January 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E05 Episode 7755

    • January 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E06 Episode 7756

    • January 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E07 Episode 7757

    • January 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E08 Episode 7758

    • January 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E09 Episode 7759

    • January 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E10 Episode 7760

    • January 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E11 Episode 7761

    • January 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E12 Episode 7762

    • January 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E13 Episode 7763

    • January 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E14 Episode 7764

    • January 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E15 Episode 7765

    • January 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E16 Episode 7766

    • January 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E17 Episode 7767

    • January 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E18 Episode 7768

    • January 31, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E19 Episode 7769

    • February 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E20 Episode 7770

    • February 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E21 Episode 7771

    • February 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Tyler questions his mother Fay's story and with Mishti also on the case, just what is it that Fay is hiding from her sons? Karl stews over Paul's involvement with the new hospital wing.
  • S34E22 Episode 7772

    • February 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E23 Episode 7773

    • February 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After learning more about Rory, Aaron confronts him to seek the truth. Will Rory come clean? Sheila is positive she has aced the biology test while Shane is far less confident.
  • S34E24 Episode 7774

    • February 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After receiving an unexpected and unwelcome visitor at the garage, Ben is worried for Tyler. Paul faces a dilemma and needs Amy's help. Although she agrees to the favour, it comes at a price for Paul.
  • S34E25 Episode 7775

    • February 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese is concerned when she learns about the threats Tyler has received. During the planning of Gabe's naming day, Jack's feelings for Paige continue to surface and the two share a moment.
  • S34E26 Episode 7776

    • February 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E27 Episode 7777

    • February 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E28 Episode 7778

    • February 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E29 Episode 7779

    • February 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E30 Episode 7780

    • February 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E31 Episode 7781

    • February 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    On the camping trip, Steph unintentionally overhears a conversation not meant for her ears. In the meantime, Mark has a romantic surprise in store for Paige. How will the night end?
  • S34E32 Episode 7782

    • February 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Tension between Karl and Susan continues, made worse by Izzy's ongoing presence. What game is Izzy playing? Rocked by Jack's betrayal, Steph reacts emotionally, with devastating consequences
  • S34E33 Episode 7783

    • February 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Susan confides in Toadie her fears about Izzy. Toadie is determined to help Steph find her feet again. Why is Rafael snooping around the Robinson Heights construction site?
  • S34E34 Episode 7784

    • February 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Paul and Amy are surprised when they are faced with an unscheduled workplace safety inspection at Robinson Heights. With Dipi's help, Sheila readies herself for a hot date with Clive.
  • S34E35 Episode 7785

    • February 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Rafael's complicated history emerges. What has he been hiding? Regretting her night of passion, who has Amy hooked up with? Terese confesses all to Piper, with dramatic consequences.
  • S34E36 Episode 7786

    • February 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron and Mark are alarmed when they learn Tyler may be in danger. Aaron is prepared to do whatever it takes to help his brother. Izzy has a life-changing proposition for Karl.
  • S34E37 Episode 7787

    • February 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E38 Episode 7788

    • February 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E39 Episode 7789

    • March 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E40 Episode 7790

    • March 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E41 Episode 7791

    • March 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Karl finally makes a decision about Izzy's proposal. Holly reveals some information about Karl that could be useful to Izzy. What will Izzy do with this information?
  • S34E42 Episode 7792

    • March 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Izzy decides to take matters into her own hands and makes a shocking move. Amy surprises Paul and Jayden from the development work site with a generous offer. Will she regret her decision?
  • S34E43 Episode 7793

    • March 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Izzy confesses her actions to Holly, with dramatic consequences. Will Holly reveal Izzy's terrible act? Ben's trip to Oakey gets off to a cool start when his uncle is less than welcoming.
  • S34E44 Episode 7794

    • March 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Piper is still struggling to come to terms with the reality that Terese turned her and Tyler in to the authorities. Ben returns from Oakey with a dilemma about his future in Erinsborough.
  • S34E45 Episode 7795

    • March 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After Gary threatens Tim Collins, Tim retaliates and hits Gary where it hurts most. Mark's pain at seeing Jack and Paige together leads to disaster and puts Gabe in danger.
  • S34E46 Episode 7796

    • March 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After the incident at the lake, Mark is horrified by his actions. When Sue Parker approaches Rafael, they discover they have a mutual interest in their distrust of Paul Robinson.
  • S34E47 Episode 7797

    • March 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Izzy's revelation at the party stuns Susan. After the party, Elly makes an unexpected and surprising discovery. There is a dramatic accident at the construction site placing someone in critical danger.
  • S34E48 Episode 7798

    • March 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    A shocking accident at the construction site puts an unintended victim in grave danger. Susan insists her an Karl should take legal action against Izzy. Mishti has a confession for Leo.
  • S34E49 Episode 7799

    • March 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Who is the mystery woman who comes to talk to Toadie about Isabelle Hoyland? Ben's decision about his future could have a big impact on his relationship with Xanthe.
  • S34E50 Episode 7800

    • March 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Off the back of Mishti's unexpected announcement, she and Leo face a confronting new reality. Toadie gives Jimmy some advice when Jimmy bemoans his lack of confidence with his school crush.
  • S34E51 Episode 7801

    • March 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Izzy's past comes back to haunt her when Toadie has a meeting with a mysterious new client. Terese's decision to put family first could be detrimental to her work.
  • S34E52 Episode 7802

    • March 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The ongoing investigations at the construction site leave Amy stressed. Concerned about Rafael's motives and interest in Paul, Aaron goes to shocking lengths to expose him.
  • S34E53 Episode 7803

    • March 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Izzy's surprise for Karl widens the cracks between he and Susan. To add insult to injury, Karl then suffers a major professional blow. Dipi and Shane have some naughty fun.
  • S34E54 Episode 7804

    • March 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mishti's investigations uncover the goings-on at the construction site, and the Robinson's reel when they discover the truth. Xanthe finds the new situation with Ben a juggle, and seeks advice from Steph.
  • S34E55 Episode 7805

    • March 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Following some awkward meetings with Mark, Paige starts to feels like a pariah in Erinsborough. Paul informs Terese of a last minute change of plans regarding the upcoming presentation.
  • S34E56 Episode 7806

    • March 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E57 Episode 7807

    • March 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E58 Episode 7808

    • March 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Karl finds himself in trouble when Holly attempts to help him using some sneaky tactics. Xanthe struggles to find a balance between study, work experience and her relationship.
  • S34E59 Episode 7809

    • March 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Preparations are under way to stage a big surprise for Sheila, which leads to a surprising reaction and a confession for Clive. Shane and Dipi find themselves the victims of a prank.
  • S34E60 Episode 7810

    • March 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    As Paige and Jack prepare to step into a new future, the old hurt between Paige and Mark returns when they cross paths. A shocking truth from the past emerges. Will Aaron reveal what he has learnt?
  • S34E61 Episode 7831

    • April 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E61 Episode 7811

    • April 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    As shocking revelations from the past emerge, David says a tough goodbye. Things do not run to plan on Xanthe's romantic weekend with Ben.
  • S34E62 Episode 7812

    • April 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    A health scare sees Mishti rushed to hospital. Paul's shock announcement is hard to bear for Terese and she struggles to let go. Can Piper help her?
  • S34E63 Episode 7813

    • April 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Karl has not taken Holly's recent news well and struggles to accept his daughter's decision. A pool competition leaves a friendship in tatters after Amy unleashes a hidden secret.
  • S34E64 Episode 7814

    • April 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Amy turns to Steph for solace after things go wrong between her and Elly. Can Amy repair the friendship? Piper and Chloe go head-to-head for the new position at Lassiters.
  • S34E65 Episode 7815

    • April 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary admits his fears to Terese. Sheila calls a family meeting and the Canning family pull together to support her. Chloe is forced to take some drastic action to cover her tracks.
  • S34E66 Episode 7816

    • April 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Dipi sees a way to turn the situation with Chloe to her advantage and delivers an ultimatum. Xanthe makes a heartbreaking decision. Jane takes a mysterious phone call. What is she up to?
  • S34E67 Episode 7817

    • April 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Jimmy gets caught in the act. Karl discovers a dangerous anomaly in some test results. A Ramsay Street couple decide to call it quits and bid an emotional farewell.
  • S34E68 Episode 7818

    • April 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Karl receives some shocking news and struggles to process the unexpected turn of events privately. Toadie is excited about Sonya's return to Erinsborough.
  • S34E69 Episode 7819

    • April 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Dipi's emotions get the better of her at Yashvi's footy match, putting her daughter's footy career aspirations in jeopardy. Is Sonya going to break Toadie's heart?
  • S34E70 Episode 7820

    • April 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    When Terese demonstrates some suspicious behaviour, Gary develops his own suspicions about what is going on. Jane begins a mysterious search. What is she looking for?
  • S34E71 Episode 7821

    • April 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    A special moment between Terese and Gary is interrupted by Paul. Piper's search leads to a case of mistaken identity and lands her in trouble.
  • S34E72 Episode 7822

    • April 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Upon learning of her daughter's dangerous predicament Terese is horrified. Leo is concerned about Mishti and fears she is hiding her true feelings from him. Will Mishti open up to him?
  • S34E73 Episode 7823

    • April 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Leo finds himself in a spot of bother when Mishti's friend Monique happens to overhear an interesting comment. Aaron and David are thrown back in to each other's orbit.
  • S34E74 Episode 7824

    • April 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron is concerned about Piper and makes a suggestion as an act of tough love. Karl's dedication towards his new project is taking up much of his time and energy.
  • S34E75 Episode 7825

    • April 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese is stunned when Paul presents her with a surprise offer. Karl's new scheme causes some friction. David's thoughtful actions lead Aaron to realise his ex-boyfriend may still care.
  • S34E76 Episode 7826

    • April 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron is floating on cloud nine after his kiss with David, but is David having second thoughts? Elly is back on the dating scene with some help from Amy. Will this news leave Mark jealous?
  • S34E77 Episode 7827

    • April 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary and Terese brace themselves to deal with the aftermath of their announcement. Jane's quest to unearth information about her former home on Ramsay Street gains momentum.
  • S34E78 Episode 7828

    • April 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    In an attempt to bring the family back together, Dipi makes a special effort to reconnect with Yashvi. Elly is rocked by a face from Amy and Jimmy's past.
  • S34E79 Episode 7829

    • April 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Leo is distracted with some news that he has uncovered that could rock Mishti. Elly confides in Susan that her new beau is Amy's ex-husband, Liam.
  • S34E80 Episode 7830

    • April 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron and David go head-to-head in the Face of Lassiters contest. Mark is suspicious about Leo's behaviour and decides to pull him aside and question him on it. Will this cause Leo's plans to unravel?
  • S34E81 Episode 7831

    • April 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mishti finds out about the underage drinking incident at Lassiters and is furious with her friends for allowing it to happen. Jimmy wakes up feeling unwell but decides to go to school.
  • S34E82 Episode 7832

    • May 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Liam rushes Jimmy into hospital. When Amy arrives, she is upset to learn that Liam was Elly's hot date. Jane learns of the death of her grandmother.
  • S34E83 Episode 7833

    • May 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Sonya and Toadie run into unexpected financial woes. The truth about Elly and Liam's date comes out. How will Elly deal with the repercussions of her new romantic interest?
  • S34E84 Episode 7834

    • May 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese loses her temper with Chloe for making a decision without her authority. Toadie and Sonya are lamenting their money woes when Toadie overhears some news that could potentially save them.
  • S34E85 Episode 7835

    • May 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Knowing that she is treading on thin ice, Chloe comes up with a plan that could not only benefit her, but others as well. Toadie's quest for an income results in him being stuck in a moral dilemma.
  • S34E86 Episode 7836

    • May 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Recovering from their rendezvous on the desk, things get a little awkward between Chloe and Leo. Dipi stays strong in her resolve and refuses to lift the ban on Jake from Harold's.
  • S34E87 Episode 7837

    • May 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly realises she is endangering her friendship with Amy and breaks things off with Liam. Dipi apologises for her conduct, but business in the cafe remains slow.
  • S34E88 Episode 7838

    • May 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie faces another moral dilemma at work, which forces him to choose between his career and protecting a friend. Faye's shock return to Erinsborough continues to cause havoc with her children.
  • S34E89 Episode 7839

    • May 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Students, teachers and parents descend on Erinsborough High's leadership camp out in the bush. Drama ensues with secrets being leaked leading to heartbreaking tragedy.
  • S34E90 Episode 7840

    • May 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Once word gets back to the camp that Susan and Kirsha are missing, a frantic search starts. Karl is soon made aware that Susan is missing and despite his poor health he is determined to help find her.
  • S34E91 Episode 7841

    • May 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Watch later As the search for Susan and Kirsha escalates, one member of the search party falls significantly ill. Steph and Paul find themselves dwelling on how Mother's Day saddens them.
  • S34E92 Episode 7842

    • May 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The search party are found, but shockingly one member is rushed to hospital in a critical decision. Will they make it? Steph makes a decision that will shock Ramsay Street forever.
  • S34E93 Episode 7843

    • May 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    An incident occurs at work that leaves Chloe and Leo scrambling for their jobs. When Sheila learns that Steph is on the hunt for a manager at the Flame Tree she urges Faye to apply.
  • S34E94 Episode 7844

    • May 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mark confronts Chloe over his suspicion that she's having an affair with Paul. Amy tries to talk to Jimmy after the school camp disaster, however he and refuses to talk.
  • S34E95 Episode 7845

    • May 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    David and Aaron spend a wonderful afternoon that leads to the two of them making a decision to take their relationship to the next level. Who is this mystery woman that has caught Elly's attention?
  • S34E96 Episode 7846

    • May 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly and Bea are reunited and are keen to forge a relationship. Xanthe celebrates her 18th birthday, but the festivities quickly turn into chaos as one of her friends is hospitalised.
  • S34E97 Episode 7847

    • May 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly plans a fun filled day with her sister but the day takes a terrible turn when Bea is overcome with jealousy. Xanthe battles with a decision about her future.
  • S34E98 Episode 7848

    • May 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The intrigue around Bea's boyfriend's arrival in Erinsborough reaches new heights. Leo and Chloe's tumultuous affair continues but a series of unfortunate events threaten to expose them.
  • S34E99 Episode 7849

    • May 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mishti is hurting after hearing the news Leo has moved on so quickly. Jimmy's decision about moving to New York comes to a startling conclusion. Will he go, or will he stay?
  • S34E100 Episode 7850

    • May 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The first day of the new regime is underway at Lassiters with Terese on top, Chloe as EA and Leo as the intern. Karl is thrown when Rita offers him a generous promotion at the hospital.
  • S34E101 Episode 7851

    • May 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Following Finn's advice to spend more one on one time with Elly. Amy struggles without having Jimmy around so Aaron and David try and cheer her up with a trip to the Retreat.
  • S34E102 Episode 7852

    • May 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    As Bea continues to take care of 'Patrick' he pushes her into making friends with Xanthe. The new gardener in Ramsay Street, Cassius, is gaining a lot of attention from the female residents.
  • S34E103 Episode 7853

    • May 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Steph is furious at Philippa after Charlie told her the news about what she has been up to behind their backs. Yashvi's confidence is knocked as the bullying starts to really take its toll.
  • S34E104 Episode 7854

    • May 31, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Dipi reacts after she learns the reason behind Yashvi's poor performance at football. Leo is grudgingly slumming it in a range of menial tasks at Lassiters and decides to confront Terese about it.
  • S34E105 Episode 7855

    • June 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Chloe suspects Amy is struggling so she decides to take her on a shopping trip to cheer her up - but not all goes to plan. Feeling upset for Yashvi, Leo hunts for a way to get revenge for her family.
  • S34E106 Episode 7856

    • June 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly continues to work hard on building her bond with her sister, but Bea still feels resentful towards her. Amy's guilt following her shoplifting episode continues to grow.
  • S34E107 Episode 7857

    • June 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E108 Episode 7858

    • June 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea has a run in with Mark at work and when she confides in Elly about it she is disappointed at the lack of support she receives. On a night out, Mishti makes a risky decision about her love life.
  • S34E109 Episode 7859

    • June 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The day has finally come for Steph to leave Erinsborough and start a new life in Sydney. Just as she is about to leave, Toadie springs one last surprise on Steph.
  • S34E110 Episode 7860

    • June 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mishti is forced to assess her options after she is blackmailed. Amy is still getting a buzz from her new shoplifting habits and confides in Chloe for help.
  • S34E111 Episode 7861

    • June 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea and Finn have a dramatic and traumatising fight that leaves Bea in tears. Concerned that her shoplifting habit will be exposed, Amy decides to spin a lie to her loved ones to cover her tracks.
  • S34E112 Episode 7862

    • June 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Finn makes a drastic move in his revenge plan. Determined to prove Clive wrong, Karl wholeheartedly throws himself back into work. Toadie and Sonya's intimacy takes a turn for the worse.
  • S34E113 Episode 7863

    • June 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Piper and Cassius' relationship steps up a notch when they have a ‘moment'. Karl touches base with his new assistant but little does he know he is speaking to a familiar face.
  • S34E114 Episode 7864

    • June 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Keen to cheer Mishti up after the Dilhan disaster, David and Aaron set her up on a blind date. Xanthe feels protective over her friend Piper, and wants to make sure that Cassius is good enough for her
  • S34E115 Episode 7865

    • June 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Chloe tries to set up Gary with Fay after sensing an attraction between them. Mishti is forced to deal with the fallout of the scandal. Sheila starts to play dirty in an attempt to get her job back.
  • S34E116 Episode 7866

    • June 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary agrees to go on a date with Fay, but his intentions are not pure. Desperate to keep up his ruse, Finn is left in a predicament forcing him to leave the apartment. Will his cover be blown?
  • S34E117 Episode 7867

    • June 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After receiving a panicked call from Bea, Finn thinks quickly and makes up a barefaced lie. Shane are Karl are both left in the cold when Dipi and Susan reject their amorous advances.
  • S34E118 Episode 7868

    • June 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Leo is still furious with Dilhan for what he has done, and seeks Toadie's advice on how to best help Mishti. Finn fails todeliver on another promise leaving Bea frustrated and confused.
  • S34E119 Episode 7869

    • June 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Everyone is shocked to see Ned back in town. Has he come back for Elly? Dipi is excited about her investor lunch for 'Flapper! The Musical' and is determined on getting Paul to invest.
  • S34E120 Episode 7870

    • June 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Suspicious of Ned's return, Terese presses for answers but Ned continues to keep his cards close to his chest. Toadie and Sonya finally make a big decision about their family.
  • S34E121 Episode 7871

    • June 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Amy is forced to confront her shoplifting addiction when Gary finds out about it. Cassius and Piper's relationship takes a confusing turn. Sonya and Toadie are rocked by some life-changing news.
  • S34E122 Episode 7872

    • June 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Just as Toadie and Sonya are coming to terms with the shocking news, yet another surprise arrives at their door. Finn's plan to get closer to Elly takes an extreme turn.
  • S34E123 Episode 7873

    • June 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Sonya and Toadie scramble to protect Nell from witnessing the current scandal unfold. Mark jumps to conclusions and starts a rumour that Ned has returned for Elly.
  • S34E124 Episode 7874

    • June 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Concerned about Ned, Terese develops a plan to get his love-life back on track. Mark is forced to face the big questions: does he still have feelings for Elly, and should they get back together?
  • S34E125 Episode 7875

    • June 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Piper finally realises that she needs to move on and put Tyler behind her. While home alone, Mishti hears a suspicious noise in her house and immediately panics.
  • S34E126 Episode 7876

    • July 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E127 Episode 7877

    • July 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E128 Episode 7878

    • July 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E129 Episode 7879

    • July 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After seeing sparks fly between Terese and Paul, Leo subtly orchestrates a situation where they can be together. Aaron and David are excited about their dance lessons with Dipi.
  • S34E130 Episode 7880

    • July 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie rushes to the hospital when he learns that Hugo has been in an accident. A very nervous Piper and Cassius go on their first date.
  • S34E131 Episode 7881

    • July 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The time has come for Finn's grand plan to commence its final stage - and the first step starts at the Scavenger Hunt fundraiser. Piper visits Xanthe after hearing she also has feelings for Cassius.
  • S34E132 Episode 7882

    • July 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Xanthe is rushed into hospital and goes right into surgery, while Elly reports her car stolen before learning of the hit-and-run.
  • S34E133 Episode 7883

    • July 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly is shocked by her arrest, ferociously protesting her innocence despite Gary and Sheila's fury. Susan and Elly locate Bea's car on the side of the road and are shaken to the core by who they find.
  • S34E134 Episode 7884

    • July 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mark and Karl have growing concerns on the whereabouts of Elly and Susan. Xanthe is still fighting for her life in hospital.
  • S34E135 Episode 7885

    • July 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    With mounting concerns for Xanthe and anger towards Elly, Gary reaches breaking point. Karl and Mark frantically travel towards Mildura where Susan's tracking device on her phone is leading them.
  • S34E136 Episode 7886

    • July 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Will Bea, Elly and Susan be found before it is too late? Sonya goes to Tasmania, where she finds Andrea in a psychiatric ward. Sindi offers to look after The Retreat.
  • S34E137 Episode 7887

    • July 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Paul advises Sonya not to let Toadie know about Andrea, but the damage may already be done. Gary and Clive are surprised to learn that Sheila is helping Xanthe with her studies.
  • S34E138 Episode 7888

    • July 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Xanthe is concealing the full extent of her injuries, but is nonetheless determined to sit her exam next week. Toadie finds out about Sonya's visit to Andrea.
  • S34E139 Episode 7889

    • July 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Susan reveals that her sister Liz - Elly and Bea's mother - is coming to the Bay. Toadie decides to visit Andrea. David and Aaron hire Chloe to plan their wedding.
  • S34E140 Episode 7890

    • July 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After Liz is caught telling lies to her family, the real reason why Bea left home at the age of 15 emerges. Mishti's date with a handsome young doctor does not go to plan.
  • S34E141 Episode 7891

    • July 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea and Elly want Liz out of their lives. Toadie gets a shock when he visits Andrea in the psychiatric ward in Hobart. Aaron bends the truth to get a wedding photographer.
  • S34E142 Episode 7892

    • July 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie and Sonya agree to help to fund Andrea's continuing treatment. The stress gets to Xanthe during her medical exam, triggering a seizure. Mark tries to cheer up Elly.
  • S34E143 Episode 7893

    • July 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Chaos threatens to break out at the Christmas in July event at Lassiter's. Gary is persuaded to break the law in exchange for information about Finn. Karl is back at the hospital.
  • S34E144 Episode 7894

    • July 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary discovers that keeping a bag of cash safely hidden is not as easy as it sounds. Cassius helps Xanthe and draws closer to Piper. Leo's feelings take an unexpected turn.
  • S34E145 Episode 7895

    • July 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After another rejection by her daughters, Liz drowns her sorrows at the Waterhole. Mark later finds her in a terrible state, claiming that she has been mugged by Finn Kelly.
  • S34E146 Episode 7896

    • July 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea and Elly find themselves softening towards their mother. Ned learns of the deal Gary made with Jeremy. A mysterious phone call makes it clear that Cassius is hiding something.
  • S34E147 Episode 7897

    • July 31, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea and Elly find themselves softening towards their mother. Ned learns of the deal Gary made with Jeremy. A mysterious phone call makes it clear that Cassius is hiding something.
  • S34E148 Episode 7898

    • August 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After Mark turns up some CCTV footage, Liz is forced to confess to her daughters that she made the whole story up. Sindi calls the police after finding Jeremy at the Retreat.
  • S34E149 Episode 7899

    • August 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary panics when he learns that Jeremy has been caught. Leo feels awkward in Terese's company. Toadie and Sonya find Sindi a job in Sydney.
  • S34E150 Episode 7900

    • August 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese is delighted with Paul's romantic gesture, but Piper makes an interesting discovery. Chloe receives a health scare. Kirsha is blackmailed by Marisa.
  • S34E151 Episode 7901

    • August 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E152 Episode 7902

    • August 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E153 Episode 7903

    • August 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E154 Episode 7904

    • August 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    A series of unlikely events lead Bea and Ned to each other, who connect immediately. Shane finds himself angry and determined to fix the blackmail issue Kirsha has found herself involved in.
  • S34E155 Episode 7905

    • August 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Dipi is livid with Shane following the fallout from the Kirsha blackmailing scandal. Eager to garner a strong relationship with Paul before the wedding, Aaron asks Paul to be his business mentor.
  • S34E156 Episode 7906

    • August 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese tries to process her confusion of Leo's feelings for her and decides to end her business mentorship with him. Chloe decides that life is too short and spends the day being wild and carefree.
  • S34E157 Episode 7907

    • August 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mark brings Chloe home after her reckless night out. Piper and Cassius both look forward to spending the night with one another. Amy and Gary spend the day together at the doughnut expo.
  • S34E158 Episode 7908

    • August 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E159 Episode 7909

    • August 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E160 Episode 7910

    • August 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E161 Episode 7911

    • August 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Xanthe and Yashvi are sure Mishti's appearance on an arranged marriage website must be some kind of fake profile. Mishti confirms the profile is hers. Leo and Terese try their best to avoid each other
  • S34E162 Episode 7912

    • August 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E163 Episode 7913

    • August 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Cassius' intentions are finally revealed when his mother arrives in Erinsborough. Chloe is intrigued when a wealthy man invites her out for lunch. Karl sets about finding his long lost family members.
  • S34E164 Episode 7914

    • August 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Unable to pay the debts from Xanthe's private medical treatments, Gary takes drastic action. Ned is suspicious of Cassius when he lies to Piper about working late. Will he uncover Cassius' big secret?
  • S34E165 Episode 7915

    • August 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron struggles under a mountain of wedding preparation and Paul ramps up the pressure on the business front. Sheila laments to Susan and Dipi that Clive is having performance issues in the bedroom.
  • S34E166 Episode 7916

    • August 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea and Ned assure Elly that their relationship is strictly platonic. Xanthe starts to panic when she sees a familiar car parked outside of school. Mark is concerned that Chloe has another paid date.
  • S34E167 Episode 7917

    • August 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Xanthe admits that she doesn't feel like she deserves the large insurance payout and is angry at how it is tainted by Finn. Will Mark change his ways and get his relationship with Chloe back on track?
  • S34E168 Episode 7918

    • August 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    At their pre-wedding party. Aaron runs around desperate to impress his future father-in-law. Toadie is determined to make Hugo's naming day special, not only for his son, but for Sonya too.
  • S34E169 Episode 7919

    • August 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Confused by Aaron's outburst at the pre-wedding party, David looks to Paul for answers. Mishti prepares for her blind date with Pavan, who she met on the arranged marriage website.
  • S34E170 Episode 7920

    • August 31, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Paul is shocked when David asks Leo to give him away in Paul's place. Terese returns to Erinsborough and is nervous about seeing Leo. Susan agrees to help Karl seek out his half-sister.
  • S34E171 Episode 7921

    • September 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    It's the big day Erinsborough has been waiting for: David and Aaron are finally tying the knot. However, it isn't a smooth ride down the aisle for the pair when some of their plans fall apart.
  • S34E172 Episode 7922

    • September 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The celebrant that replaced Susan. Jemima Davies-Smythe has a connection to Ramsay Street royalty. Who is it and what is she doing in Erinsborough?
  • S34E173 Episode 7923

    • September 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Feeling guilty about Tyler's absence at his brother's wedding, Cassius asks Piper questions about Tyler's sentencing. The story behind Jemima's arrival and connections in Erinsborough begin to unravel
  • S34E174 Episode 7924

    • September 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E175 Episode 7925

    • September 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E176 Episode 7926

    • September 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Susan is increasingly frustrated by Jemima's ever-growing list of expert pursuits, so she calls Sheila in for help. Dipi urges Mishti to find out more about Pavan before committing to him.
  • S34E177 Episode 7927

    • September 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Susan is surprised to learn that Jemima is going to lunch with Paul. When Susan expresses her concerns to Karl, Jemima overhears. Will Jemima confront Susan? And what is Dipi hiding from Sheila?
  • S34E178 Episode 7928

    • September 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Leo tries to talk to Terese about their relationship, but is left confused about how Terese feels. Xanthe goes for a driving lesson, but is triggered by seeing a similar car that Finn hit her with.
  • S34E179 Episode 7929

    • September 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Xanthe's still shaken by her driving lesson. Happy on their honeymoon, Aaron and David reflect on their relationship so far and discuss their future plans.
  • S34E180 Episode 7930

    • September 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    David moves into the Brennan house and is concerned Chloe is hiding something. To thank her for saving his life, Ned helps Yashvi practice her marking skills - including a training session in the pool.
  • S34E181 Episode 7931

    • September 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Jemima and Susan's relationship is rocky at best so how will Susan react when Jemima re-styles her living room? Chloe remains coy about her side business, but her family start to worry.
  • S34E182 Episode 7932

    • September 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Jemima shocks the Kennedy's with a revelation that no one saw coming. Mystery continues to escalate surrounding Chloe's new business and concerns mount around who she is meeting and why.
  • S34E183 Episode 7933

    • September 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Chloe is forced to deal with the repercussions of her side business as gossip quickly spreads. Paul insists Chloe be performance-managed out of her job. Will she be able to redeem herself?
  • S34E184 Episode 7934

    • September 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Upon finishing a car service, Bea finds something that risks exposing Cassius' secret. David and Aaron begin working through the first major speedbump in their marriage.
  • S34E185 Episode 7935

    • September 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    As Terese and Leo continue to sneak around, they eventually get caught out by someone close to them. Aaron tries to concentrate at work, but wishes he had access to painkillers.
  • S34E186 Episode 7936

    • September 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Susan is conflicted when Jemima reveals she is considering moving to Robinson Heights. Ned is concerned for Bea after her run-in with Cassius.
  • S34E187 Episode 7937

    • September 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Karl and Susan are left shocked by Jemima's offer. Gary starts to panic that he may not be able to cover Xanthe's University fees in time.
  • S34E188 Episode 7938

    • September 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Karl finally comes to a decision about Jemima's offer and sits down with her to discuss it - will he accept Jemima's help? Has Paul finally moved on from Terese?
  • S34E189 Episode 7939

    • September 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese scrambles to keep her secret romance with Leo under wraps when Piper becomes suspicious that her Mum is hiding something. Susan is keen to patch things up between Jemima and Karl.
  • S34E190 Episode 7940

    • September 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mishti finds herself in a moral dilemma between doing her job as a police officer and following the law. Xanthe realises her painkillers are gone from her bag and believes they were stolen.
  • S34E191 Episode 7941

    • October 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Xanthe's concerns over her missing painkillers heightens. Will Aaron's secret be exposed, or will David cover for him? Mishti is still shocked by her suspension but decides to keep it from Pavan.
  • S34E192 Episode 7942

    • October 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary is pleased to see his business is doing well and has high hopes the increase in sales will help him secure a loan for Xanthe's uni fees, but his products are soon to blame when Elly falls unwell.
  • S34E193 Episode 7943

    • October 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elissa is now paranoid that Cassius's secret is about to be exposed and is frantically trying to get in contact with him. Ned and Terese enlist Mark to help uncover more of Cassius' secrets.
  • S34E194 Episode 7944

    • October 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Cassius' web of lies begins to unravel and he tells Piper he needs to leave immediately claiming he has to go home to look after his mum. Will she follow her heart and leave Erinsborough?
  • S34E195 Episode 7945

    • October 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    A lucrative contract is on offer for the hotel so all Lassiters staff are asked to bring their A-Game when the charming multi-millionaire Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) arrives in Erinsborough.
  • S34E196 Episode 7946

    • October 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Knowing she can't mix her own business with the hotel, will Chloe take on Pierce as a client? Piper is on the run looking for Cassius and finds him at a motel where she pushes him for answers.
  • S34E197 Episode 7947

    • October 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Following the confession from Cassius, Piper is left shocked, scared and extremely confused. Will she call the police in time or will Cassius run away before they can get there?
  • S34E198 Episode 7948

    • October 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary is desperately trying to get his hands on the $100,000 he needs to cover Xanthe's uni fees. Will he find a solution or will Gary be in more trouble than he originally thought?
  • S34E199 Episode 7949

    • October 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After a successful first date, Pierce is keen to book Chloe again and sneakily organises time alone with her. Dr. Rob puts a big proposal to Amy who is left completely stunned and overwhelmed.
  • S34E200 Episode 7950

    • October 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Increasingly attracted to Pierce, Chloe is tempted by his proposition. Will she make the right decision? Tension lingers between Bea and Yashvi and Xanthe soon finds herself stuck in the middle.
  • S34E201 Episode 7951

    • October 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Piper and the Brennan's endure a tense wait for word from Toadie about Tyler's release. Meanwhile a desperate Cassius is frantically trying to contact Piper. Will things end in disaster?
  • S34E202 Episode 7952

    • October 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    While waiting for the news of Tyler's release, Chloe is helping Pierce organise an event. However, she is dismayed to find him cold and only interested in talking about business. Has their spark faded?
  • S34E203 Episode 7953

    • October 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    When Tyler finally agrees to see Piper the pair discuss everything they have been through...Will they rekindle their romance? Gary is desperate as he waits on Amy to assess her feelings.
  • S34E204 Episode 7954

    • October 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Still shocked by the news about Gary and Amy, how does Paul react when he discovers Leo and Terese? Dipi makes the decision to track down Pavan and try to get him to speak with Mishti in person.
  • S34E205 Episode 7955

    • October 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    A furious Paul is on a rampage and campaigns for revenge after everything he has discovered. Meanwhile, Pavan is offered a job in Sydney and asks Mishti to move away with him.
  • S34E206 Episode 7956

    • October 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Appalled at his children'd new relationships, Paul sneakily coordinates a catch up with Amy's ex-boyfriend Rob, in the hope that when she finds out, she will see sense and end things with Gary.
  • S34E207 Episode 7957

    • October 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Tyler and Piper's relationship takes another blow when she wrongly accuses him of being responsible for the attack on Cassius.
  • S34E208 Episode 7958

    • October 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea and Ned finally take the next step in their developing friendship - will they become Ramsay Street's newest couple or have they reached the end of the road?
  • S34E209 Episode 7959

    • October 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Juggling both children at Harold's, Sonya finds herself assisted out of the blue by a lady named Alice - she is not only helpful but also a retired Nanny. Seems too good to be true... am I right?
  • S34E210 Episode 7960

    • October 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    With the Rebecchi house spotless thanks to the help of Alice, Sonya speaks to Toadie about hiring her as a live-in nanny... but I smell trouble!
  • S34E211 Episode 7961

    • October 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Sonya's sobriety and marriage are tested as Alice moves into the Rebecchi house. Meanwhile, a conflicted Piper is feeling nausea & fatigued. Could she be pregnant?
  • S34E212 Episode 7962

    • October 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Piper refuses to take a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, does Paul have an alterior motive as he backtracks on his decision to put the backpackers out of business? Ned visits Cassius in hospital.
  • S34E213 Episode 7963

    • October 31, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E214 Episode 7964

    • November 1, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The search for Nell continues as Sonya's panic rises. Meanwhile, Alice continues her manipulative games when she visits Toadie at work.
  • S34E215 Episode 7965

    • November 2, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Is Sonya and Toadie's rock-solid relationship heading for shaky ground? Bea is struggling and her insomnia is worsening as the renewed search for Finn continues.
  • S34E216 Episode 7966

    • November 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Paul digs for information regarding a criminal associate of Gary’s. What will he uncover? Sheila pays Cassius a visit in hospital and accidentally lets it slip some big news.
  • S34E217 Episode 7967

    • November 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    BAD BABYSITTER - Alice is thrown when she learns a place for Nell has opened up at childcare. Desperate to stay in the Rebecchi's life, Alice hatches another evil plan.
  • S34E218 Episode 7968

    • November 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Desperate to cure her anxiety, Bea decides to visit the cabin Finn hid out in in an attempt to find closure. However, things go from bad to worse when she comes face-to-face with Finn himself.
  • S34E219 Episode 7969

    • November 8, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea tries to remain calm and keep her composure as Finn toys with her. Desperately trying to find a way out of this situation, Bea is forced to play along and pretend she never stopped loving him.
  • S34E220 Episode 7970

    • November 9, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    As Elly, Susan and Xanthe arrive at the cabin to find Bea held hostage by Finn, they make a drastic decision in an attempt to save Bea's life.
  • S34E221 Episode 7971

    • November 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Bea, Elly and Susan keep their secret about what really happened to Finn, but Bea is struggling with her guilt. Pierce and Terese finally make their move to push Paul out of Lassiters.
  • S34E222 Episode 7972

    • November 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E223 Episode 7973

    • November 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Alice decides to let her hair down for a night at The Waterhole and tries to pick up a Ramsay Street local. Paul, feeling down about potentially losing Lassiters, lashes out at Gary and punches him.
  • S34E224 Episode 7974

    • November 15, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Pierce makes his intentions with Chloe very clear. Can she say anything to put him off? After receiving a request from Andrea, Toadie flies to Tasmania to discuss her treatment.
  • S34E225 Episode 7975

    • November 16, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Where has Chloe disappeared to? Her brothers and Elly rush to search for her. Paul finds one clue that could be his ticket to keeping his share in Lassiters for good.
  • S34E226 Episode 7976

    • November 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly convinces Chloe not to leave Erinsborough. Will Bea, Elly, Susan and Xanthe be able to continue their lie about their involvement in Finn's coma, or will guilt start to take it's toll?
  • S34E227 Episode 7977

    • November 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E228 Episode 7978

    • November 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The neighbours are horrified to learn that Finn had deliberately set up a horrific accident at the school. Susan finds herself consumed by fear and anger. Will she be pushed to do the unthinkable?
  • S34E229 Episode 7979

    • November 22, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Mark starts to become suspicious of Susan's behaviour. Will he uncover her secret? Alice spreads the word that she is 'worried' Sonya is drinking again.
  • S34E230 Episode 7980

    • November 23, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Susan goes to the police and confesses that she is the one responsible for pushing Finn off a cliff. Leaving one big question unanswered: will she be charged with attempted murder?
  • S34E231 Episode 7981

    • November 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Amy, Leo, Gary and Terese scheme to distract Paul from his heartbreak and set him on a path to new love. Karl is frustrated and upset that Susan put herself in the firing line at the police station.
  • S34E232 Episode 7982

    • November 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron and David start to consider their options for having a baby. Terese starts to worry that the age gap between her and Leo will pose a serious problem in their relationship.
  • S34E233 Episode 7983

    • November 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Alice freaks out when she overhears Sonya and Toadie talking about plans to track down Andrea's mother. She hatches a plan that leaves one of Ramsay Street's favourites unconscious.
  • S34E234 Episode 7984

    • November 29, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The Brennan family are totally rocked by Chloe's news and rally around her for support. Eager to know if they carry the gene for the disease, Mark books himself and Aaron in for the test.
  • S34E235 Episode 7985

    • November 30, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Alice plays on Sonya's insecurities that Toadie is looking for excuses to see Andrea again. Bea is left red-faced when Ned finds her journal and discovers that she has feelings for him.
  • S34E236 Episode 7986

    • December 3, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Jane continues to be a positive influence on Paul, even though she doesn't know the real reason she was brought to Erinsborough. Terese has insecurities about her age difference with Leo.
  • S34E237 Episode 7987

    • December 4, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E238 Episode 7988

    • December 5, 2018
    • 25 minutes
  • S34E239 Episode 7989

    • December 6, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie becomes increasingly concerned about Sonya, as her illness and symptoms get worse. Elly feels an overwhelming sense of love for Mark and makes a life changing decision about their future.
  • S34E240 Episode 7990

    • December 7, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Sonya, in a disoriented state goes missing. Toadie immediately rallies the troops to search for her. Xanthe feels guilty her Dad is struggling financially, believing that she is the reason he is broke
  • S34E241 Episode 7991

    • December 10, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Still frantically searching for Sonya, Toadie begins to fear the worst. Gary is surprised to see Kev, his ex-crimmate, turn up at the coffee hut.
  • S34E242 Episode 7992

    • December 11, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Sonya arrives home after her very close brush with temptation. Alice puts her sinister plan into overdrive and in one swift act, she poisons Sonya.
  • S34E243 Episode 7993

    • December 12, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie is confused about the results of Sonya's toxicology report. Chloe puts on a brave face at Elly and Mark's engagement party.
  • S34E244 Episode 7994

    • December 13, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Willow arrives in town and is left shocked to see her supposed dead grandmother in Ramsay Street. She quickly works out what Alice is up to and puts herself in danger.
  • S34E245 Episode 7995

    • December 14, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie rescues Willow from the shed where Alice has her trapped. She tells him the truth about Alice and they both immediately commence the search for Sonya. Will they find her in time?
  • S34E246 Episode 7996

    • December 17, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Spurred on by the mysterious photo she found in Leo's file, Piper subtly probes Leo for information. Xanthe, Shane and Yashvi wait anxiously for their Year 12 ATAR results.
  • S34E247 Episode 7997

    • December 18, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Leo is forced to come clean about what he's been hiding. Kirsha falls for a classroom prank when she passes on a Christmas gift to Jane.
  • S34E248 Episode 7998

    • December 19, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Gary is wracked with guilt that he's benefiting from the robbery of Amy's building site. Toadie is stressed to find Sonya's Christmas presents have gone missing.
  • S34E249 Episode 7999

    • December 20, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Aaron organises a night out with Chloe and David to distract her from her feelings about Elly. Amy catches Gary late at night at Robinson Heights and immediately questions him on what he's doing there
  • S34E250 Episode 8000

    • December 21, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Toadie and Piper are saddened to learn that Valerie Grundy, Ramsay Street's oldest resident has passed away. Toadie decides to bring the whole community together with a Christmas concert.
  • S34E251 Episode 8001

    • December 24, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Leo confides in Paul about Delaney's blackmail. Paul soon finds himself getting a taste of his own medicine when he realises that Delaney is blackmailing him too.
  • S34E252 Episode 8002

    • December 25, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    The residents of Erinsborough prepare for the Christmas concert. Bea is nervous about her singing. Susan in a deep state of reflection and she soon finds herself wanting to visit Finn in hospital.
  • S34E253 Episode 8003

    • December 26, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Paul is a broken man as he admits to Leo that he is a murderer. Susan wonders what to do about mysterious photo album left on the Kennedy front doorstep - filled with pictures of Finn Kelly.
  • S34E254 Episode 8004

    • December 27, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Terese struggles with her break-up with Leo. Delaney has got what she wants, but that still isn't enough. She decides to step up her game.
  • S34E255 Episode 8005

    • December 28, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    Elly and Mark make the spontaneous decision to get married sooner rather than later. Terese is hurt and decides she will be keeping her distance from Leo.
  • S34E256 Episode 8006

    • December 31, 2018
    • 25 minutes
    After Chloe's declaration of love, Elly gently explains to her that she doesn't feel the same way. A New Year's Eve disaster strikes leaving one innocent Ramsay Street resident unconscious.